Dear Burberry, Our Sustainable Alternatives to Burning Your Luxury Goods

Note: It worked! Once the word was out about their annual bonfire, thanks to influencers and social media, Burberry didn’t have a choice, they needed to respond to the mass outcry.  The result: within a few weeks, Burberry announced that they would no longer burn their luxury goods but will instead try to find alternative solutions.  

The world is changing, and luxury needs to pay attention.

Maybe it was once acceptable for luxury brands such as Burberry to burn unwanted stock worth £90m over a period of five years, but in this millennium, we notice when a brand destroys our planet.

And when we notice, we boycott until the problem is solved.


Although Burberry claims that they have taken actions to minimize the impact of their choice, many of us find it unforgivable to tolerate such waste, especially when the end goals is to preserve the brand value, to sharpen the brand positioning, to create scarcity and exclusivity, and to prevent theft and counterfeit.

If Burberry does not find a solution to prevent such waste in the future, they may find it hard to thrive or even possibly survive in the twenty-first century.

Through their unsustainable action, we believe that Burberry shows no respect for their products and the resources needed to produce them, no respect for their employees who have worked hard to grow the brand, no respect for their fans who are now questioning the value of their own Burberry goods, and obviously, no respect for the planet and our global community.


Burberry is not the only fast luxury brand to destroy goods.

Richemont, which owns Cartier and Montblanc, has reportedly purchased back $744 million of its own unsold goods over the last few years to avoid the devaluation of their brands, some goods have been repurposed while others have been destroyed.

LVMH is also a culprit as are many others.

The problem of destroying over-production must be addressed, and solutions must be implemented.

Obviously, luxury brands must maintain their exclusivity to retain their status.

Donating the goods to shelters as many have suggested is not an option because it would devalue the brand in the eyes of those who covet its elite status.

But if Burberry paid attention to their community, they could easily find several alternatives that could help them lead the way to a sustainable future.


To help Burberry and other fashion luxury brands generate ideas to solve the overstock problem, here are a few sustainable alternatives to consider before burning beloved luxury goods.

#1: Leverage blockchain technology for better supply chain management

And when it comes to driving sales through community building, well… adopting blockchain technology leads to authenticity and transparency, two of the twelve New Luxury values found in our manifesto.

Since blockchain provides fingerprints of every step of the manufacturing process, it also provides a signature of authenticity to every product.

With blockchain, the records can be accessed and verified from virtually any location in the world at any time, making the authentication of counterfeit goods a seamless process – every time a product changes hands or is transferred to a new location, a transaction is stored in the ledger.

If a link if missing in the physical-digital chain, it could be the sign of someone attempting to divert authentic goods out or inserting counterfeit goods in.

Transparency with blockchain makes counterfeit evident and easily stoppable because it makes everyone involved accountable for their actions.

With such technology available, it is easy to understand why polluting our planet to prevent counterfeits is no longer a viable solution for any respectable brand.

Let’s remember that millennials, more than other generations, demand to know the story behind the products they buy.

Regardless of the industry, everyone is talking about blockchain for a good reason.

To explain it in simple terms, blockchain is like a giant decentralized and transparent Google Spreadsheet which is secured with cryptography.

It can store an entire history of transactions across a shared database, automating data gathering, reducing the human error factor out of tracking information, and eliminating waste across every step of a process.


The fact that Burberry needs to burn such a large quantity of stock every year implies that they do not fully understand their supply and demand chain.

If they implemented blockchain technology into their processes, we believe that they would be able to stop production early enough to avoid such excessive waste.

Or, at the very least, they would better manage their disposal.

With blockchain, a record of everything would explain the actions taken to find alternative emission reduction techniques to produce renewable energy and counter the effect of carbon emitted by them.

If the public is aware of the measures being taken by a brand to become sustainable, then a relationship of trust could start to flourish.


Luxury brands should lead the way in sustainability. Others will follow.

In addition to reducing counterfeits, blockchain transparency also carries customers closer to the stories behind the brand and its products, especially if they can use interactive labels to bring a new dimension to the shopping experience by linking the product to its source.

If you can prove what is great about your brand and your products with blockchain and transparency, you no longer need to claim to be luxury, you simply will be.

If Burberry doesn’t know where to start, they can simply look at the startup community to find inspiration.


For example, Provenance, a UK startup that hopes to build a future of brand trust with their transparency platform, uses blockchain, mobile and open data to help brands bring verified information from their supply chain to the point of sale.

Using their platforms, brands are then able to share their business impact and their values, open up their supply chain to showcase the people, places and processes behind every product, create a digital passport for every product linking them to either a batch or individual items, and ultimately drive customer engagement with tech-powered experiences and the use of interactive labels.

Provenance claims that bringing trustworthy information to the point of sale helps build brand trust now and into the future, something that is important to younger generations. We believe the same.

Idea developed with: Bhavna Jayashankar – Luxury Research & Consulting Intern here at Roxy Genier

Since adopting blockchain technology could take a few years to properly implement at Burberry or at any other fast luxury company, in the short term, we need alternative solutions that could have be implemented in a few weeks. Here are a few:

#2: Repurpose the luxury goods within Burberry or through third parties

If an inexperience chef boils too many lobsters one evening, he will serve it as lobster salad at tomorrow’s lunch.

Recycling and repurposing the overstock of luxury goods should not be discarded for its non-luxury status.

Burberry could start a new emerging designer program where it would donate its overstock to those who have the talent and desire to reimagine the extra Burberry garments in new ways.

This idea not-farfetched.

Since 2017, the Burberry Foundation has partnered with ethical and sustainable fashion brand Elvis & Kresse to tackle the global problem of leather waste.

n the next five years, the partnership will see a minimum of 120 tonnes of leather off-cuts from Burberry recrafted into new luxury items.

Burberry just needs to take this idea a step further and finds ways to reinvent their over-production by donating their extras to emerging designers.

#3: Keep the inventory, then in 20-30 years sell it as mint-vintage pieces

Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical, especially if you are older than thirty years old.

Patterns and styles that were hot when I was a teenager have already resurfaced time and time again.

Since Burberry is in the long-game, why not safeguard the beautiful garments, releasing them back to their fans as original mint-vintage pieces in a few decades?

Obviously, they shouldn’t keep over-producing year after year as they would not be able to store millions of pieces in their warehouses – we have already established that blockchain should be implemented to manage their supply chain.

But since the goods are already in existence, why not protect them for a future fashion coup? Fans would be delighted, other luxury brands would be jealous of the idea, and our planet would start to heal.

Original idea crowdsourced in a LinkedIn comment from: David Deluca – Office Manager at

#4: Gift the goods to Burberry’s deserving employees, turning them into walking brand ambassadors

As a “global luxury retailer and manufacturer, with more than 10,000 employees, 449 retail locations and a supply chain that touches thousands of people worldwide”, Burberry could turn their over-production mistake into an opportunity to elevate the corporate culture.

By gifting the unpurchased goods in-house, they could turn 10,000 employees into 10,000 brand ambassadors, ambassadors that would have walked the streets of this world promoting the Burberry brand through their love for their employer.

Imagine the social media campaign, imagine the virality of the donation, imagine the elevated state of Burberry as a luxury brand in everyone’s mind.

Such an act would have turned a terrible PR moment into one that could have served as a case study for employee loyalty and success.

Original idea from: Vanessa Liwanag – Business Development Manager here at Roxy Genier


Luxury needs to care about sustainability and the values of New Luxury, because everyone who is listening to the global conversation already does.

Alternatives to burning unwanted goods do exist if management listens to their community and thinks outside the box.

If you know of other sustainable alternative to burning luxury goods when production surpasses demand, don’t hesitate to let everyone know in a comment below.

The more we talk about sustainability in luxury, the more we have a chance to save our planet.

So, talk on, and share on if you believe in luxury sustainability.

The Right Luxury Influencers for your Luxury Brand

When it’s the hands of a capable blogger who understands a luxury brand and can communicate its identity in a fascinating, intimate or visually sumptuous manner, then influencer marketing can absolutely thrive.

In fact, the general consensus is that blogs are far more influential in promoting a brand and specific products than social media is, which if you think about it makes a lot of sense, after all, social media is a standalone platform whilst blogs can thrive across search engines, social media and on their own merits.

For a luxury hotel, it can sometimes be tricky to know exactly what the most effective form of luxury marketing can be especially as the product is an experience rather than a physical entity.

As such a luxury travel blogger can be the most vital marketing tool for emoting or visualizing an experience within a review of the business.

However, there’s a variety of right and wrong luxury travel bloggers out there for your business and a number of aspects which you need to consider before choosing the luxury travel blogs which will feature a suitable review of your luxury hotel.

Know Your customer, audience, and needs

At this stage, you’ll hopefully have a good grasp on exactly who your customers are and as a result, you’ll be wanting to communicate directly to these people but also a little beyond them.

There’s never any harm, after all, in marketing to an audience who for whatever reason won’t ever be able to stay at your luxury hotel (which is the basis of one of our luxury marketing essential tips) however, being able to narrow down exactly who you want to influence and how will make it easier to find the right blogger to partner with.

Be specific with how you want to benefit from a blog review:

  • Do you simply want to improve your online presence?
  • Looking specifically for promotion which can boost sales?
  • Need a broader spectrum of feedback to add to your press section?

Figuring out every aspect of the who, the what and the how of finding a travel blogger to review your luxury hotel will help for you to find exactly the right blogger for the job.

Research and engage

This one might seem obvious but the manner with which you research potential blogs can impact the types that you find and also influence your choices.

Don’t just rely on a few Google searches in order to find the best travel bloggers for your brand, instead try searching for them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and take note of how people talk about and engage with them.

It might also be an idea to actually follow their social media channels and see how they engage with their readership:

  • Do they have a small pack of loyal, engaged followers or a large crowd of silent admirers?
  • Are they argumentative or hold notably vocal political opinions which could be a problem down the line?
  • Do they love to engage directly with brands?

Reach out to them and talk with them on social media to get a feel of who they are and how they interact with readers.

Find a blogger with shared beliefs

One of the most important aspects to bear in mind when choosing a travel blogger to review your luxury hotel is to ensure that you find blogs which have a belief system in line with your own.

For example, there’s no point in picking a luxury travel blog in which the majority of the posts are profanity-riddled or casually snarky when you’re selling chic, sophisticated and reserved and by the same merit there’s no point in picking a luxury travel blogger obsessed with heritage hotels, legacy, and tradition when you’re selling provocative, cutting edge and progressive.

Be sure to research as much of the blog's archive as possible in ensuring you understand its overall tone, output, and belief system so that you can make a truly informed and accurate decision.

Judge by content, not by influence

This is an important one to remember as a blog with thousands of followers is useless if it can’t deliver content which both engages its audience and can align itself with your brand identity.

Avoid being impressed by numbers and instead follow the instincts of your brand; a review which manages to accurately reflect the identity of your luxury hotel but only manages to influence a handful of people is still worth immeasurably more than a problematic review which completely fails your brand identity to thousands.

Look for an influencer with great photography skills

Generally, the very best travel blogs are the ones which feature large volumes of photography and as a general rule you should be looking for blogs which either feature amazing photography skills (using anything from 35mm film to DSLR cameras) or which maybe make up for a lack of skill with a high-end camera which can capture colour and detail beautifully.

There’s little point in entrusting a review with a blogger who still relies on their iPhone for pictures; a luxury hotel deserves luxury photography, and sometimes one perfect picture can influence a readership far greater than an entire blog post.

Top 10 Luxury Magazines Targeting The Affluent

While a significant section of the luxury lifestyle publishing industry has moved in a digital direction, those who target affluent consumers continue to create luxury lifestyle magazines to showcase the best in luxury.

Glossy pages with insightful information and striking photography – even in the digital age we adore turning to the thick, sumptuous feel of these high-end magazines.

You could say that in the digital age of screenshots and blogs that a luxury lifestyle magazine is a piece of luxury in itself.

And this is precisely why you can always find a stack of beautiful high-end magazine aboard every private jet, onboard every superyacht and fanned within reach on the coffee tables of every luxury villa.

From London to New York, from Singapore to Lima, some luxury lifestyle magazines can be found across the world while others reflect the local luxury culture.

While the rest of the world may mourn the coming loss of print magazines it seems the world of luxury has sidestepped this fact.

“Luxury magazines will always have a place with the elite.”

For luxury brands, turning to the timeless format of print advertising to reach affluent consumers is as relevant today as it will be in the future.

The right tone, the right style, the perfect artistically inspired content, the correct partnerships with valuable luxury brands, and a carefully curated circulation, this is the recipe for delivering a luxury lifestyle magazine that will long stay in the hands of the classiest connoisseurs.

In no particular order, these are the top 20 luxury lifestyle magazines targeting the affluent in today’s digital era.


As the premier luxury magazine for superyacht over 100′, Yacht Premiere’s loyal fanbase counts the billionaires and multi-millionaires of this world.

To delight these superyacht lovers and buyers, Yacht Premiere has limited advertising opportunities, counting less than 10 ads per issue, and a stick editorial guideline that is simply uncompromised.

What results is a stunning magazine filled with high-end photography and editorial content showcasing the most prestigious new built superyachts.

Once in hand, it is hard to let it go. Experiencing Yacht Premiere is a luxury to celebrate.

Explore this superyacht magazine at

yacht premiere luxury magazine


Robb Report seems to be the head sommelier when it comes to living the life of luxury.

This luxury magazine has flawlessly captured the spirit of superior taste for over three decades while stoically remaining in print, teaching the world how to spot the most innovative products to have in the home, handpicking the best supercars to park in the driveway, giving glimpses into the trendiest destinations across the globe, and hinting at which stellar garments should hang in our perfectly pressed walk-in wardrobes.

From Dubai to Los Angeles, Robb Report brings the tide of luxury ebbing at many foreign shores and is the master of whispers when it comes to the world’s finest things.

Explore this luxury lifestyle magazine at

robb report luxury magazine


With only seven issues a year distributed to American Express Platinum and Centurion card members, those welcomed into this elite club can garner an insider’s look at the exclusive world caught between the folds of Departures Magazine.

From the best new convertibles that are begging for a top-down spin along the coast, to the up-and-coming fashion designer in New York City, and the best corners to call your own in Capri – Departures delivers exceptional content to encourage you to break the bank and makes exploration a connoisseur’s choice.

With over three decades of editions tucked neatly under their belt, Departures brings a beautiful and breezy style to the world of American Express that lovers of travel, culture and a high-class lifestyle will simply adore.

Explore this exclusive luxury magazine at

departures luxury magazine


Like an embossed invitation to one of Gatsby’s legendary parties, once you get the Centurion Amex card you know you have made it.

Yet instead of gallons of champagne, satin, and pearls, part of the reward to this elite club is the luxury of receiving the Centurion quarterly magazine.

Founded in 2000 and published in several languages, Centurion is an elegant magazine of only especially curated content hand-selected for its ability to communicate extraordinary things and delivering what American Express call the art of great living.

Explore this top exclusive luxury magazine at



For private jet-setters who don’t have to dream about first-class travel, behind the scenes access, and Michelin star experiences then Elite Traveler was curated by you, for you.

With a style that simply oozes affluence, topics that are hot enough to singe your fingers, and photography that falls fast into the category of perfection and passion, Elite Traveler is something to linger on when you are flying in your own private jet.

Take a closer glimpse at the world’s best wine list to see what will be touching your lips on that European jaunt, fall in love with the fifty best restaurants recently announced, and see which Singaporean eateries are leaving diners with raised eyebrows.

The bi-monthly luxury magazine has certainly been making a splash since its debutante appearance back in 2001, since then the elite crowd has turned the pages to see the top 101 hotel suites and of course the best restaurants.

Those wanting to gain a firm footing in the world of deliriously affluent travel should be sure to grab a copy of Elite Traveler and become the adventurer you want to be.

Browse this luxury lifestyle magazine at 

elite traveler departures luxury magazine


True to its name and very much a tout for the go bold, go big or go home way of life, Le Grand Mag believes in living extremely well and in perfecting the precision of luxury in a truly extraordinary fashion.

With cities from as far as New York City to Abu Dhabi offering an elite touch of Le Grand Mag for high-class clientele, there are few magazines in the same league as this polished piece of luxury lifestyle publishing.

There is no doubt that Le Grand Mag is aimed at the super-affluent, those who want to be inspired by the grace of pure luxury once more. There is a playful touch of vanity and there is a hint of the radical and the wonderful that carves out this publication from being just another top shelf drawer.

Inside the pages you find everything you could ever dream of when it comes to being the person who has everything, from helicopters to supercars, jewels to beauty, high-class fashion couture to private art, this whirlwind experience from Le Grand Mag reminds us to think big when it comes to wealth.

Browse this luxury lifestyle magazine at 

le grand mag elite traveler departures luxury magazine


Known as the “portal of luxury goods” this upscale luxury magazine is an exclusive publication that touches on everything from yachts and private jets, to real estate and fine jewelry.

Whether it’s their artistic photography, their beautifully written pieces, their breadth and wealth of topic or their ability to ignite inspiration, Upscale Living knows how to curate finery in between their pages.

Lazing in your hammock on the British Virgin Isles you can find out what the world’s most expensive hat looks like, which fashion brands are worth falling in love with this fall, what villas are boasting the best infinity pools and interior design from the coast of the Caribbean right down to Costa Rica, and which restaurants are worth calling ahead to ensure you get a table.

Along with everything from fashion to popular features, epicurean dining, and home designs, you can also keep abreast of events happening across the globe in truly flirtatious luxury fashion, from art and fashion events in trendy Tribeca to catwalk style in Berlin and premiers in Cannes.

Upscale Living delivers a high dose of luxury in a way that never fails to lose its sophisticated edge, in a way that is cloaked in incredible glamour and in a way that makes us want to eat, sleep, dress, dream, think, live and play in the meadows of pure unadulterated luxury.

Browse this luxury lifestyle magazine at

upscale living luxury magazine


As a series of city guide luxury publications, Modern Luxury offers its readership a selection of 84 titles across 24 affluent markets.

Whilst many will turn to the glitzy shores of Miami, the star-studded hills of LA and the magic of Manhattan when talking about American wealth and prowess, Modern Luxury proves that luxury can be found across the USA including cosmopolitan cities of Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, Houston, San Francisco, and Boston.

Regardless of the city of choice, Modern Luxury puts back sophistication and class into its lifestyle.

Hailed as champions of style, those seeking where’s hot and where’s not can certainly use Modern Luxury as their tailored and tapered guide to finding all the fine things right on their doorstep.

Browse this luxury lifestyle magazine at

modern luxury lifestyle magazine


As part of the Time Inc. network of publishing, you couldn’t expect anything less amazing from Travel & Leisure.

If Travel & Leisure were a person they would be the beautiful girl from next door. Travel and Leisure just know to create something great, the

Travel and Leisure just know to create something great, the sharp-eyed photography, the tantalizing titles, and the well-written words – these are all wisps of wonder that seamlessly tie together under one of the world’s best-known luxury travel magazines.

Those seeking a dose of travel inspiration can find it all crammed into the pages of Travel & Leisure, laid out in a way that resembles a banquet feast for worldly explorers, and a table lined with the finest silverware and fresh linen napkins.

Browse this luxury lifestyle magazine at

travel and leisure luxury travel magazine

#10- AFAR

Travel inspiration curated to its very finest comes shining through the pages of Afar Magazine.

Beautiful photography showcasing the colors of culinary magic, images of wild beaches, rising mountains, and Europe’s oldest cities encased in elegant appeal, when flicking through Afar you know you have arrived.

Yet it’s not only the pretty pictures that light up Afar but the bold and brave content that finds its way between the pages.

Here you won’t find the usual trodden trails of go here, see this, eat that but you will find words that are bravely spoken from the heart and more geared towards cultural connections and understanding the world that flows from the patch of ground you are standing on.

Afar magazine is wrapped up in pretty paper but beneath the folds, you find a heart that beats with complete authenticity.

The features are real snapshots of local life, real explorations of the cultural chaos that marks the streets, and curious adventures out of the ordinary and into the shadows so people can truly get a feel for a place.

Afar magazine isn’t just about stepping off the beaten track, it is about releasing the grip on your mind to truly explore from the inside out.

Browse this luxury lifestyle magazine at

Afar Magazine

Luxury Brand Management: Top 100 Luxury Blog Posts

The luxury industry is being redefined and reshaped by the changed brought on by technology, globalization and shifting consumer values. Amidst this state of new luxury, it helps to stay abreast of luxury brand management industry trends.

A few ways to stay ahead of the game include listening to what the experts are saying at coveted luxury events, paying attention to what consumers are reading in luxury lifestyle magazines targeting the affluent, and studying what is being published in industry-leading luxury marketing blogs.

Understanding the needs of luxury consumers, the changing habits of affluent shoppers and the successes and failures of online marketing efforts undertaken by other luxury brands can help any good marketer or founder reach their luxury brand management goals.

Marketers need to understand that the luxury niche no longer comes with a stiff upper lip and limited choice; it is savvy, sharp, wild and fiercely competitive, melding many styles and contradictions together.

"As a matter of fact, the characteristics defining luxury products are simply no longer the same."

To get the scoop on what is happening in luxury brand management around the world, I personally keep up with what the folks at these established luxury marketing blogs are saying. I recommend you do the same.

To help you navigate the landscape, I have curated the top 100 luxury blog posts in luxury brand management.



Rivalling WWD in social media reach yet boasting a completely different vibe, the Business of Fashion is a favorite of fashion insiders as it provides insights and tips on how to effectively be fashion in an era of disruption.

The articles are well-informed, opinionated and sometimes wild but, well, this is the world of fashion after all.

The content delivered focuses on fashion business intelligence rather than campaigns, trends, and scoops.

But rest assured, if you follow the Business of Fashion, you will know everything there is to know about emerging designers, disruptive technologies, and global brands.

*Note: The Business of Fashion requires a paid membership to get access to all its great content. 

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Business of Fashion:

Visit Business of Fashion's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



Launched in 2012, Skift is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with in the world of travel intelligence.

Through original reporting and diligent analysis, Skift gives us insights into who is who and what is what in travel.

Airlines, hotels, destinations, travel agents, cruise lines and startups, they cover it all.

With their bi-monthly in-depth reports, their annual conference and their daily newsletters, they give travel industry specialists everything needed to stay ahead of trends and into the minds of travelers.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Skift:

Visit SKIFT's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



Those immersed in the billionaire boom will find the news at Wealth X interesting, to say the least.

This financially indulgent blog not only shows you the money but also shows you where the money is changing hands, being kept, growing and falling.

Not only can you find out about China’s newest investment laws but you can also get inside the heads of luxury entrepreneurs, see what designer bag maker Moynat has up his sleeve and see what challenges could be hitting the luxury market for the coming year.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Wealth X:

Visit Wealth X's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



With over 5 million social media fans, WWD or Women's Wear Daily is the place to be seen in fashion and beauty.

Although the website experience is plastered with ads, if you focus on the content, you will be impressed by the wealth of information available on WWD.

From runway fashion to ready-to-wear, from fashion trends to industry scoops, one thing is sure, if it's happening in the world of fashion, it will be on WWD.

*Note: WWD requires a paid membership to get access to all luxury blog posts.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from WWD:

Visit WWD's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



Leading the news in the world of luxury marketing blogs, Luxury Daily is a place to peruse what’s hot, what’s not and what new launches and trends are currently making headlines.

This is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive luxury blogs to swing by to keep up with current events.

Who's just signed a deal with Sotheby’s, when you can expect Chanel’s new fragrance to hit the shelves and what pocket of the world the Ritz is planning on dazzling next are just a few of the headlines to be expected on Luxury Daily.

*Note: Luxury Daily requires a paid subscription to get access to all luxury blog posts.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Luxury Daily:

Visit Luxury Daily's  luxury marketing blog for more great content.



The Luxury Society, once a social network for luxury professionals, was recently relaunched as a luxury content resource for the industry by the Digital Luxury Group, a luxury marketing agency with offices in Geneva, Shanghai and New York.

Supported by a large network of contributors from around the world, the content proposed on the platform offers varied opinions and invaluable insights on the ever-changing luxury landscape.

*Note: Luxury Society requires you to become a member to have access to all luxury blog posts.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Luxury Society:

Visit Luxury Society's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



Bain & Company have built their reputation for being the golden choice when it comes to consulting in the luxury niche and their articles have been published across the globe.

From features in Forbes to the business standard they are certainly up there in the world of knowledge and know how.

Covering a range of industries with far-flung expertise it’s always good to swing by and check out their publications section to see expanding brands in the market, check equity reports and browse their archives.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Bain & Company:

Visit Bain & Company's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



Take a sneak peek behind the curtain with Mckinsey & Company and find out the latest insights into luxury and consumerism.

Those who want to know which markets are emerging, which digital consumer trends are growing and what’s happening differently in China than in Europe will adore the wealth of unbridled information available.

Not only can you top up your know-how on consumer trends but you can also get a ton of marketing strategy advice and tips on how to better engage your customers for growth.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from McKinsey & Company:

Visit Mckinsey & Company's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



As one can expect, you will only find quality information on the Harvard Business Review website whether it is about the luxury market or the world of business in general. With case studies, in-depth articles, and intelligence reports, the HBR deliver powerful information to senior business strategists who strive for success while embracing new ideas.

With case studies, in-depth articles, and intelligence reports, the author's of the HBR deliver powerful information to senior business strategists who avidly follow the blog and subscribe to the magazine.

*Note: The HBR requires you to become a member to have access to all their great content or to pay per item.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Harvard Business Review:

Visit HBR's luxury marketing blog for more great content.



With over 400 employees, 50 million unique monthly visitors to in the U.S alone, and close to 7 million magazine audience readership, everyone knows Forbes as a leader in smart content.

With a contributor network count in the hundreds, if not thousands, publishes 300-400 articles per day giving its readers everything they need to excel in business and life.

Top 10 luxury blog posts on luxury brand management from Forbes:

Visit Forbes luxury marketing blog for more great content.

These luxury brand management resources will help any luxury brand executive or industry newbie understand the current state of luxury.

Obviously, by sharing my personal insights on this blog, I hope that industry leaders will consider my blog to be a great luxury information resource as well.

In the meantime, take the following poll to find out which of these publication offers the best advice on luxury brand management.