On the brink of a new era,

when the world is realigning,


getting straight to the heart of our human needs.

Humankind doesn’t need to be redefined; the action is in the title.

We are our own greatest strength and even in the darkest hours, we will always find the energy to lift others. Scarcity is a cycle of fear, but love is the loop that energizes a new circuit and at the core of our being it is our humanity that will carry us into a shared and sublime future for all.

We need to use the CÖR of our heart, the CÖR of our strength, and the CÖR of our philosophy to bring everlasting change, so we can all share in the world’s most important luxuries.

Our mission is to move from philosophy to action, so we can nurture growth where it is needed through a balanced methodology, one that leverages the human skillset shared by our team. Curating our resources, creatively solving problems, calling on supportive networks, and committing to on-the-ground intervention to elevate communities in need – our intuitive and heart-centric approach is what unites us under the banner of CÖR for Humanity.

The CÖR Executive Team

A pioneer on the pathway to peace, Rob has dedicated his life to cultural diplomacy and de-escalation.

With a strong military history in counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism, global harmony is high on the list of Rob’s priorities. Working closely with the UN, EU, NATO, USAID, and a multitude of NGOs on disaster response and international development, Rob’s commitment to understanding the fighter phenomenon has led him to be recognized as a subject matter expert and panelist for the National Counter-Terrorism Center. He is also a published author on the importance of disaster response and continues to work towards finding new pathways for a safer world for all.

Strengthening local economies through grassroots operations in uncertain times is at the heart of Janiece's work.

After joining the United States Army in 2005, Janiece served as a Cultural Support Team Member supporting the needs of women and children in rural communities. In 2012 she founded Stable Outcomes, an organization committed to devising creative ground-up solutions to reduce impacts on poverty and disease in the Global South. Janiece is a dynamic field worker who personally places herself in the center of the hot zones, delivering clean water to Libya’s most Ebola-affected villages and working closely with local communities to prevent the contraction and spread of the disease. As the Director of Data Modeling for Global Security at Premise Data Corporation, Janiece is attuned to listening to the choir of voices that rise from different populations. Her unshakable goal is to understand the most basic needs of vulnerable communities and to find solid solutions to address these issues.

Crystal cherishes the bonds of human connection that can be found even among the chaos.

A child of a US Navy Corpsman and a Filipina midwife, the dedication of service and helping hands runs through Crystal’s blood. After 15 years of service in the US army working in logistics, civil affairs, and medicine, Crystal continued her journey in medical outreach working with local partners in Africa in the treatment and prevention of Malaria and other diseases. Crystal deeply believes in a holistic approach to humanitarian efforts and is committed to helping build capacity and resilience in communities. A flush of fine-tuned self-purpose puts Crystal on pathways to living an intentional and heart-centered life in alignment with her dharma.

An educator on resilience, diversity, and inclusion, Nina brings empowerment to all people.

With a long and illustrious history working in a myriad of NGO and human service settings, Nina has worked with projects covering everything from women’s economic empowerment to resettlement for war refugees in DR Congo, disaster relief, and clean water initiatives. An earlier role as military police for the US Air Force gave her the skillset to share her first-hand expertise in the field of military teachings. With experience living in East Africa, North Africa, and Eastern Europe – Nina has connected her passion for people with her natural affinity for crisis management. She also holds a postgraduate degree in Human Services.

John is ever inspired by helping to preserve the beauty of our planet and assisting all those who occupy it.

After traveling the world and serving the US army for a total of 24 years, John has provided firsthand on the ground humanitarian support for people aiming to rise above everything from hurricanes to earthquakes and conflict. In 2006 he joined the reserve civil affairs in the US army to help guide military forces and provide in-depth analysis on action to reduce the impact of conflict on the daily lives of citizens. With a quarter-century of training under his belt, John is well-placed in his understanding of how best to protect everyday people. With a wealth of experience that also covers land development, John also brings the invaluable skillset of construction and transportation.

A sailor, sojourner, and philosopher of ethical and sustainable luxury, Roxy is a global citizen.

Trained in naval combat information, Roxy left behind both Canada and the world of minesweepers and destroyers for the superyacht industry in 2005. Shifting from a world of warfare to one of pure beauty led her on a quest to understand the philosophical nature of our humanity. In 2009, aware of the informational needs of ultra-high and high net worth individuals, Roxy kickstarted a career in digital luxury. Returning from a seven-year Pan American road trip at a moment of global questioning, Roxy is now on a mission to reset the luxury mindset, to inspire and innovate brands and people into investing in a better world for all. She will soon launch Genivs Loci a digital platform bringing together the pillars of high-craftmanship, luxury hotels, and superyachts to spark a new world of sustainable beauty in partnership with CÖR.

“Simply create the situation, the soil, put in the seed, and wait.”

- Osho