People, and especially, UHNWI (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals) don’t buy products and services because a brand’s Facebook page has over a million likes from aspirational buyers, nor do they buy because an influencer wrote a glowing review.

People buy because of an emotional connection, because of their belief system, their philosophy of life, and the way they seek to experience the world around them.

People buy because of the people they meet, the people behind the brands and products they choose to bring into their lives.

People buy because they believe that their purchase will make them feel alive.

If people buy because of how it makes them feel, then why are brands, especially luxury brands, not tapping more into this emotional connection?

When need and necessity no longer play a role in the consumption process, when money is no longer an issue, then what is left if not human emotions.

Winning the heart and mind of UHNWI clients requires something exceptional, it requires a very strong human connection built on strong emotional values.

There is no shortcut.

There is no trick.

If you want to reach UHNWI clients, you need to put in the time and effort to show your true value before you even stand a chance of being noticed in a crowded marketplace.

This means owning your skills, mastering your craft, and perfecting your offer.

And doing so with purpose and a set of well-defined values.

This is where New Luxury comes in.

New Luxury is, in essence, a way to connect through a collection of individual experiences that shape the interactions between brand and people.

It is a way of doing business that bridges the gap between buying and giving back.

When a brand is sustainable, it pledges to protect our planet and our communities through their production choices.

When a brand uses forward-thinking technologies to hone artisanship, it makes us believe that our future is indeed brighter than ever.

And, when a brand promotes community-love from the inside out, it touches us at the deepest human level.

Gimmicks or fairy tale marketing campaigns don’t work with UHNWI.

They won’t be impressed either by sales techniques that are meant to disrupt their attention away from what they value the most – their time.

But if they feel your purpose, your values, and your commitment to excellence, you might be surprised and get a message on your social media channel asking for a meet.

Know who you are.

Know what you stand for.

Know what you can offer.

And if your message connects with a UHNWI on a deeper level…

Stand proud behind your version of luxury.

Because that is why they reached out to you in the first place.