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Navigating Home When the Path is Unknown

A short poem to express our need to find our center in a world filled with chaotic information.

Quantum Beauty as Universal ART

A short poem to express beauty through our understanding of spacetime.

What will we save as a global community?

Even pre-pandemic, we were starting to see a bigger shift towards more sustainable and ethical consumer choices. Brands must be aware of the acceleration.

Stillness as an Art of Messy Unravelling

From traveling the world to embracing the art of stillness, digital nomad and luxury travel writer Jodie Oakes, pounders her relationship with home in a time of global pandemic.

How the Great Pause is Challenging Our Sense of Aliveness

Our sense of aliveness and connectedness is being challenged by the global pandemic, and soon, a new world order will emerge as we adapt to our new realities.

New Luxury, Experiences, & the Energy of Time in Space

A moment. A feeling. An idea. A thought. Every moment of time in space exudes specific energy. A unique set of characteristics. That was never reproduced before and will never be reproduced in the future. It as an energy that is unique.

Wealth, Time, Space, Emotions and You.

The internet has forever changed the entire face of our personal interaction with time and space. What used to be only possible locally, is now possible globally. What used to only be available to a few, is now available to those who dare to dream of the unconventional.

New Luxury, UHNWI & The Emotional Connection

Winning the heart and mind of UHNWI clients requires something exceptional, it requires a very strong human connection built on strong emotional values.

Luxury Meaning: 12 Anti-Values Disgracing Luxury Today

The luxury meaning has been disgraced by a set of 12 Anti-Values. Those who want to lead the future of luxury should listen to consumers who demand a new luxury meaning.

Designing a Charitable Platform around your Your Luxury Brand

Corporate philanthropy should go beyond being a luxury marketing gimmick, and strive to be beneficial to empowers the charity and emboldens the customer.

Seven Benefits of Content Marketing for Luxury Brands

The benefits of content marketing for luxury brands are endless but we have identified seven to get you inspired to start your next campaign.

Understanding New Millennials for Better Marketing

Understanding New Millennials, not a generation to be overlooked. Want to get ahead in marketing? Best start with unraveling the mystery of the millennials.

Dear Burberry, Our Sustainable Alternatives to Burning Your Luxury Goods

Burberry burned unwanted stock worth £90m over five years. We propose sustainable alternatives for a better luxury experience.

The Right Luxury Influencers for your Luxury Brand

When it’s in the hands of a capable influencer who understands a luxury brand and can communicate its identity, then influencer marketing can absolutely thrive

Top 10 Luxury Magazines Targeting The Affluent

These top 10 Luxury Lifestyle Magazines who target the affluent consumers continue to create luxury lifestyle magazines to showcase the best in luxury.

Luxury Brand Management: Top 100 Luxury Blog Posts

This selection of 100 luxury blog posts on various aspects of luxury brand management is the perfect place to get the grips with what is happening in the world of luxury.