Never has there been a better time to disrupt an industry by bringing out the competitive positioning of your new luxury brand to life.

In this experience economy, where moments that make us feel alive trump pedigree in the choice of consumption, founders of new luxury brands must make a choice. Either follow traditional rules that are becoming obsolete or incorporate the values of New Luxury in their branding from the start.

The ethos of luxury is changing.  Luxury consumers are redefining the way they express their love of luxury by using words such as authentic, local, unique, transparent, communicative, sustainable, private, secure, experiential, transformative, and personalized. By choosing to empower the values of New Luxury, consumers are giving new luxury brands who embrace such values a chance to not only survive but to thrive in this new reality.

Let’s think of your new luxury brand as a person with a separate personality for a minute. Knowing that the luxury consumer of the future seeks uniqueness and personality when choosing a brand, if you are her creator, will you make her a mere duplicate of all the others, or will you make her stand tall as an Original?

By being an Original, by disrupting the norm with your values, your authenticity, your take on sustainability, your ethics, your early adoption of innovative technologies, and obviously, your inherent qualities and your good looks, you can disrupt the luxury industry and lead it toward a better future.

But remember, not everyone will understand what you are doing or where you are going. Only a few will get your version of luxury at launch.

But that is ok.

It simply means that those who will get you will absolutely love you.

And, because they will become your biggest fan, they will empower your luxury brand by telling others why they need to love you.

Your early adopters will get the party started if your luxury brand speaks to them from the heart.

They will line up for your goods, share across all social media, and eagerly wait for your next release.

By becoming an Original, you will be noticed.

Coco Chanel was an Original. Enzo Ferrari was another.

And you? Who will you be?


If you have made it this far, it means that you are curious to know more about how, together, we can empower your version of luxury into your new brand.

To build on your curiosity, I offer you a collaboration process that will take you from the unknown to the known in very easy steps. I believe we must first build trust and confidence in our rapport before we can embark on an empowering journey together. Obviously, you may want to accelerate the process but know that…

time is never of the essence when talking New Luxury.

Therefore, the following empowering journey can typically be completed within a few months.

Here are the five steps.



You might have read some of my blogs, or heard about me from a colleague, but a few questions remain unanswered. To initiate a collaboration, I recommend we start with a 30 min call where we will take 15 minutes to talk about your luxury brand and another 15 min to talk about what I can do for you. There is no cost associated with this conversation, but do keep in mind that this “Fit” call will not give you any answers as to how to empower your version of luxury into your brand. It is meant to break the ice.



If you are satisfied with our first contact and want to discover more, the next step involves the completion of a mini-interview. Through a series of no more than 15 targeted questions, I will ask you to open up to me about your luxury brand vision so that I can understand what makes your version of luxury truly unique. This step is completed in solo, in the privacy of your office or home, so that you can dig deep inside you to find the right answers. With this mini-interview, you will be asked to go back to your roots, to find the meaning behind your quest to build a successful luxury brand by writing down the principles and values that define the authentic version of your brand. This step is usually completed within one to two weeks.



Once you feel comfortable with your answers, and feel the desire to proceed on your empowering journey, you will be asked to book an Initial Consultation Session. Prior to this session, I will review your mini-interview and browse your digital assets to get a first glance at your current luxury brand experience, trying to get a better feel for your version of luxury. We will then discuss my initial findings in our one-hour long conversation.

In essence, this first consultation, priced at $300, is meant to give you that sense of direction and help you determine if I am the right luxury consultant to advise on your empowerment.




If you loved what we talked about in our Initial Consultation Session, and want to continue your empowering journey, the next step includes working alongside each other to solidify your Branding Strategy.

A Branding Strategy is designed for founders of independent luxury brands who need to better understand where their company is going by first defining who their company is. It allows founders to dream big yet remain close to their roots by connecting past, present and future into a cohesive system of guidelines, values, principles, and ideologies that are meant to ensure a seamless brand experience that is soaked with authenticity while achieving goals that may otherwise seem out of reach in an oversaturated economy.

As you are most likely aware, branding is not a logo, a color or a type font. It is a system of choices that define your luxury brand from the inside out by empowering your certain “je-ne-sais-quoi” in the mind of your prospects and customers. It is the story of why a young entrepreneur pours all his resources of both time and money into creating yet another healthy fruit juice.  And, it is the story of why his fruit juice will be remembered in our mind to be chosen whenever the desire for something tasty and fruity is presenting to us, regardless of how many other options are available on the market. He might have designed a stylish bottle with his graphics team, but it is the message found inside the bottle that speaks to our human emotions and makes a real transformative connection in our mind.

Empowering your version of luxury at the very core of your brand is a journey. You will need to be confident in your brand vision, brand identity, and brand values and present them in such a way that no one will ever question who your luxury brand is and what it stands for.  Because, let’s remember that if you ignore your core or change it on a whim, you risk crashing your brand every time you face a new uncertainty. You either know who your luxury brand is, or you don’t. And if you don’t, then don’t expect anyone to stand up for you when they are faced with a consumption choice.

The choices in products or experiences aren’t diminishing. Our lives are constantly being disrupted by brands trying to push on our freedom of choices. With a Branding Strategy, you will uncover how to stand ground with a core luxury brand identity regardless of how the world moves around you. The days of shifting mindsets to the likes and dislikes of everyone around will be over if you focus your energy on the alignment of your branding.

Typically, the branding process takes between ten to 20 weeks depending on where you are situated on the brand discovery line. Since I cannot advise on your branding without your complete involvement, I suggest the following three coaching options.

  • One-hour weekly coaching sessions for a set number of weeks, followed by additional 30-minute-long sessions for additional weeks.
    • Example: Five 1h long sessions followed by ten 30-min sessions. Branding Strategy is set within 15 weeks. Cost – $3,000
  • Two-hour weekly coaching sessions for a set number of weeks, followed by additional one-hour sessions for additional weeks.
    • Example: Five 2h sessions followed by ten 1h sessions. Branding Strategy is set within 15 weeks. Cost – $6,000
  • Three-hour weekly coaching sessions for a set number of weeks, followed by additional two-hour long sessions for additional weeks.
    • Example: Five 3h long sessions followed by ten 2h sessions. Branding Strategy is set within 15 weeks. Cost – $9,000

Obviously, these options can be adapted to better suit your needs, adding or subtractions coaching sessions as need be. The only thing that is set is my fixed rate of $300/h, a rate that reflects first-hand my experience in both luxury & luxury travel.



Once we complete your Branding Strategy, you will have yet another choice. You can either continue your empowering journey without me, implementing the strategy at your leisure, with or without an external team. Or, you may opt to keep me close by to oversee the empowerment with you and your team.

To be one of the few to have me on speed dial, you will be asked to pay a retainer fee for the selected number of hours of coaching services in advance. You may choose to keep a similar weekly session rhythm as followed during the branding process or you may decide to move on to a more free-flowing relationship. The choice is yours, and the only thing that remains the same is my rates, set at $300/h. A small price to pay to have me on speed-dial when you need the advice of a luxury consultant the most.

Now that you better understand how we can collaborate together to empower your version of luxury at the core of your branding, the only question that remains is…

When will you empower your luxury?