As a luxury consultant with a futuristic world view, my mission is to guide forward-thinking luxury brands in their digital transformation towards the values of New Luxury so they can achieve long-term financial growth without harming our planet and our communities. This is why I designed the New Luxury Framework, a system based on a set of 12 Anti-Value to Value transformation steps.

I believe that New Luxury can be the finest expression of humanity in a world that is increasingly being revolutionized by technology. I see the future of luxury lead by those who hold the knowledge of high-craftmanship in their hands, yet I see these hands connected globally by digital technologies.

If time permits, and before exploring the ideas behind the New Luxury Framework, please feel free to get to know me a little more here.


Trained as a naval information specialist in the Canadian Navy, I began my career in luxury in 2005 aboard superyachts, working for Russian, Canadian and American billionaires, and celebrities. After nearly a decade at sea, I stepped ashore to embrace the role of personal assistant to high-net-worth British and Canadian entrepreneurs.

Seeking both freedoms of time and mobility, I launched LuxeInACity in 2009, a digital platform showcasing the best in luxury travel and luxury lifestyle, and in 2014, the readers of USA Today nominated me as their fifth favorite luxury travel blogger.

As a response from the community, I co-founded Agence Luxury in 2013, a digital marketing agency catering to independent luxury brands. Although the agency was growing with its new office in Milan’s fashion district, a series of events left me questioning the meaning of luxury and its impact on our globality. In 2016, I decided to return to my roots as a nomadic world traveler to find my own version of luxury.

Now, three years later, standing proudly behind my nickname, and with a power house team of independent luxury consultant by my side,  I hope to redefine the future of the luxury industry for the betterment of our global community by providing ideas/ideals to forward-thinking luxury brands.


We find ourselves at a point on the luxury timeline where experience and feeling matter more than prestige, logos, and pedigree. Choice is now in the hand of time-deprived consumers who demand to absorb the beauty of the present moment. In this new context, luxury can be defined as the feeling of time, passing almost at a stand-still, filled with unexpected emotions and experienced through all senses. In essence, the richest most luxurious experiences come when we fully embrace the moment of time effortlessly passing by. And what this means for anyone trying to promote a luxury product or service is simple:

Master extraordinary moments of time in space to perfect the feeling of luxury.

– Roxy Genier –


Since 1998, I have been roaming the world in search of new adventures.  As a luxury travel expert, my travels have brought me to 75 countries and have spanned over 170 months of discoveries.

Some of my most amazing adventures include:

  • Road tripping from Canada to Argentina on the Pan American Highway for 35 months. (50,000 km – Canada, USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina). Trip in progress;
  • Sailing the Intracoastal Waterways, a series of lakes, canals, and rivers that connect Montreal to Miami, on a 33′ Kelsall catamaran with my father for 2 months (3000 NM – Canada, USA);
  • Working aboard prestigious superyachts owned by Russian billionaires, American celebrities or successful entrepreneurs for 40 months. (40,000 NM – Caribbean, USA, Mediterranean, North Sea, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand);
  • Working as a personal assistant to ultra-high network individuals while traveling the world for 30 months. (50+ flights – Caribbean, Canada, USA, and Europe);
  • Working in the Canadian Naval Reserve (Navy) aboard destroyers and minesweepers or as a Naval Information specialist for 36 months. (20,000 NM – Canada and the USA);
  • Backpacking through South East Asia for six months. (5,000 km – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Taiwan);
  • Sailing the Caribbean on a catamaran with my father for six months. (5,000 NM – USA, Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, and Belize);
  • Backpacking through Central America for three months. (3,000 km – Costa Rica, Panama);
  • Living on a Princess Cruise ship for three months as a guest (30+ ports of call – Caribbean, United Kingdom, and the Mediterranean);
  • Backpacking solo through Europe for four months (5,000 km – Turkey, Latvia, Ireland, Sweden);
  • Living as an expat in Milan for ten months while going on numerous side trips. (Morocco, Spain, Slovenia, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Lebanon);
  • Road tripping solo around the Great Lakes of North America (7,000km).

Now that you know me better as a luxury consultant…