Villa D'Este, Lago Di Como, Italy


As the pandemic continues to cause havoc on our previous way of life, bringing with it a new European war, political uprising in every corner of the world, as well as the collapse of our once stable banking system, I am waiting like everyone else, for a new world order to emerge. If I painfully put aside the immediate and devastating consequences of this chaotic time, from the loss of lives to the loss of livelihoods, and if I allow myself to dream from a high-altitude vantage point on humanity’s historical timeline, what I see is beautiful. Yes, we will have to accept unprecedented changes in our global economy and individual lifestyle. Some industries will collapse while others will rise. But in the end, after a few more years of hardship, we will be sailing towards a better future for all, one that is driven by community-driven values. We can all agree that Earth was in dire need of careening, and it was simply a matter of time before our planet gave us a problem to solve as a global community to both unite us and awaken us to our role here on Earth, a role of stewardship and governance for future generations.

In the following years, businesses that wish to not only survive but thrive will need to leave behind business traditions and frameworks that were individualistic and selfish by nature. Driving growth from an insatiable thirst for profit at the expense of others will soon be replaced by a new community-driven corporate responsibility mindset. Those in the luxury industry will need to double down on their efforts as they are meant to lead the way, leaving footsteps and lessons learned behind for others to follow, as they have always done since the beginning of time.

Business as usual has been forever changed by COVID-19. And future generations will, hopefully, remember 2020 as the year that changed the course of history for the betterment of humanity. Let’s remember that April 22nd, 2020, which was near the very start of the pandemic timeline, marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day that started a global revolution to counter the effects of the last industrial revolution. And now, a few years later, we enter into a new chapter in the fight to save our planet, our people, our animals, and our way of life. It is not only the children who will be rising up for change. It will be everyone for everyone. A global revolution is on its way as we scream in unison “Enough is enough”, we demand to live in a world that celebrates peace and abundance for all.

To face the challenges ahead, remember that you are not alone. We are united as one, collectively hoping to design a world worth living in. And our role as designers of luxury products, services, and experiences is to create moments of pure light to warm the hearts of those who dare to believe in the centrality of human emotions to reunite our world through its diversity once more.


In a time where humanity seems to have lost its way, where world leaders are guiding us toward global warfare, and technologists are pushing us in the direction of a dystopic society where humans are mere toys for bots, I believe there is still hope for us to remember the beauty of our human ways. Why should fear lead us when love is the real glue that connects us all? And what is love if not the expression of human hands creating human experiences, we often call luxuries?

Trained in information warfare by the Canadian Navy, yet a believer in peace, harmony, and diversity, I am on a mission to empower artisans who still hold true to the values of the hand-made and the heartfelt to achieve success as they march on in their digital quest.

After traveling the globe for two decades, exploring over 80 countries both via their coastlines and their roadways, and feeling the energy of the thousand-and-one places move through me, I now consider myself a philosopher. I continuously study what we call beauty, luxury, aesthetics, and light mixing ideas of quantum physics, information theory, spirituality, and mathematics with traditional ideas of philosophy to better understand the human spirit searching for enlightenment while living in our interconnected digital age.

Over the years, I have acquired a unique set of knowledge about the consumers of luxury, those individuals who live at the tip of the wealth pyramid. I spent years working aboard superyachts, as a personal assistant, and as one of the very first luxury travel “influencers” (no one truly influences those who own their individuality, I simply shared curated information in hopes of sparking genuine interest) with my award-winning blog LuxeInACity (2009-2016), and agency (2013-2016) and through sincere friendships.

As a believer in living life to its fullest in search of personal enlightenment, I also allowed myself the privilege of disconnecting from the traditional world to drive the Pan American highway on a 7-year personal discovery journey (2013-2020), completing the adventure weeks before the start of our world lockdown. Since then, I have spent my efforts reading hundreds of books, writing and drawing new philosophical ideas, and designing for the ultra-high network community new digital experiences.

Soon, my team and I will launch the Genivs Loci Space, a new digital place where we will present the pillars of high craftmanship, luxury hotels, and superyachts in a completely innovative way. Genivs Loci will celebrate the Genius Humanitatis in all its spiritual beauty. And since we believe that luxury should be democratized for all, I have already started to work with a new team to design a new luxury digital space that will empower the people, place, and things coveted by the aspirational community under the still confidential Project ****.

I also enjoy offering my service as an independent philosopher and consultant to authentic luxury brands who seek ideas to elevate their luxury experience.

I call Montreal, Milan, and Luxor as well as the road home.


In business as in life, it is important to surround ourselves with individuals who complement us. If you feel the need to bounce ideas with a philosopher of beauty who is focused on the New Luxury mindset, please do not hesitate the reach out, and we can schedule a conversation to see if our first brainstorm ignites a new set of ideas in you. From there, we can decide how we can cooperate to bring your brand experience to a new level.