As an independent luxury consultant, I have been traveling the world of luxury for over 15 years to better understand the global marketplace. From Dubai to Miami by way of London, my travels to over 80 countries have allowed me to personally experience the various regional expressions of luxury, and, as a luxury consultant, it is my pleasure to share this knowledge with those who seek my advice.

Typically, small and mid-sized luxury brands hire me as their luxury consultant to brand or rebrand, to design or realign their digital luxury strategy, to strengthen the brand narrative, to design the content, social media and influencer strategy, or to oversee the redesign of their website to better reach the 1%. Others ask me to experience their products/services in person, to audit the offer as a way to enhance the experience for future consumers, then write a review and share it with my social media fans. Whether you seek a luxury consultant to perfect your digital or physical experience, don’t hesitate to reach out.


After serving my country (Canada) aboard destroyers and minesweepers as a naval information specialist for over seven years, I stumbled upon the superyacht industry on a sailing trip to the Bahamas. Little did I know that I would leave the Navy behind to serve billionaires and celebrities while sailing the world aboard superyachts for over four years. In 2008, I returned to land to serve a high network individual as his personal assistant, managing his properties, planning his luxury travels and sourcing the very best luxury goods.

Realizing that there was no good source of information in the luxury travel marketplace, in 2010, I decided to launch LuxeInACity.com, a luxury travel blog targetting the 1%. Within a few years, my status as a digital luxury influencer and luxury consultant was established and in 2014, the readers of USA Today voted LuxeInACity as their top 5 luxury travel blog. To diversify our services, my team and I launched Agence Luxury, a digital marketing agency specialized in digital luxury. Small and medium-sized luxury brands hired us to design their brand narrative, to build their website, to create the content for their blog and social media, and to oversee their influencer marketing program.

In 2017, I decided to return to my roots as a luxury traveler and allow myself time to study the rapidly changing digital luxury landscape as I continued my 60,000 miles road trip on the Pan American highway, discovering the beauty of the Americas.  Spending time away from the rapid pace of my blog allowed me to refocus my energy and study the future of luxury, and, as a consequence, I designed the New Luxury framework, a framework that, I hope, will encourage a global shift in the luxury marketplace.

As I return to digital luxury as a luxury consultant, my goal is to guide forward-thinking small and medium sized independently owned luxury brands in their digital transformation by focusing on the human side of the luxury experience.


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Strategy is both art and science, math and music, future and past. Its where the right brain meets the left. Where a solid plan provides the structure for the choreography of communication. Making mindful plans that are purpose driven and committed to long term growth is what I can help you achieve as a luxury consultant.

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Strengthening that connection of purpose and place through branding is such a vital step – even before we commit to a digital transformation or to design a New Luxury experience. A luxury brand needs vision, purpose, values and once it goes out into the world it requires consistency and connective power.

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Storytelling is one of the most ancient art forms, and when we tell the right stories – it can ripple across the world. If we choose the right digital storytelling platforms, a local brand can connect with a global audience without expending its physical footprint.

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True luxury marketing must unravel and recognize the very essence of their audience. A luxury brand must speak a certain language – one that pays heed to the rhythm of how high net worth individuals move through the world.

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For growth to take place, it is always best coming from a place of positive creativity with an immersive approach that combines offline and online methods to bring the right consumers to the digital or the physical showroom.


Welcome to the era of New Luxury, where experiences that make us feel alive trump pedigree in consumption choice. Luxury consumers are redefining the way they express their love of luxury by using words such as authenticity, sustainability, experiential, transformative, and personalized. The ethos of luxury is changing, the lines are blurring and indulging in the experience of time in space seems to matter the most to affluent consumers who seek to reconnect with themselves and humanity as a whole in this digital era.

As a luxury consultant who lives in the future, I believe that New Luxury can be the finest expression of humanity in a world that is increasingly being revolutionized by technology. I see the future of luxury lead by those who hold the knowledge of high-craftmanship in their hands and who create one-of-a-kind experiences that make us feel alive, yet I see these hands connected globally by digital technologies.

And you? What do you see?


To better serve the luxury consumer of the future, as a luxury consultant, I believe in honoring a set of humanistic values while building a brand built on excellence. Explore the New Luxury Framework if you want to learn more.

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Luxury must drive the sustainable movement to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all by leading the ways of ethical business practices in our global economy.

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Luxury must stay true to its individuality, finding inspiration in its story and history, never stealing or borrowing from other people, brands, cultures, and communities.

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Luxury must be accountable for their choices, sharing traceable stories that shape the social and environmental impacts of their supply chain policies and practices on our global community.

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Luxury must redefine the way we experience our world by empowering the relationship between physicality, digitality, and virtuality to create extraordinary moments of time in space that link our inner and outer realities.

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Luxury must go beyond experiential, disrupting our personal status quo, pushing us to delve deep into our value and belief systems to transform the way we exist and consume in this world.

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Luxury must socially engage their fans in a humanized two-way conversation while at the same time provide educational and interactive content to satisfy the thirst for access into the branded experience.

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Luxury must create a legacy of heritage stories, linking their past, their present and their future into a seamless narrative to express the essence of their individuality.

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Luxury must be curated, carefully guiding patrons in their consumption choices to achieve better standards of living rather than overwhelming them with limitless options.

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Luxury must promise excellence in craftsmanship, seeking both aesthetic and performance qualities using futuristic technologies to exceed the expected and redefine the ways of the industries.

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Luxury must remember that time is never of the essence in excellence, embracing both slow-production and slow-consumption to allow for a better overall consumption experience.

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Luxury must make us feel alive by delivering an effortless yet extraordinary branded journey that personifies desirable feelings of well-being, betterment, and timelessness.

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Luxury must give back to society, raising both awareness and funds to support a cause that speaks the same language of identity, demonstrating unity where it counts.