this is my story



As you will see by reading below, I live a life full of adventures while working for some of the richest people in the world or for some of most influential luxury brands in the world. Some will say that I am crazy to travel the world while offering my services as a consultant, but after being on the road for nearly 170 months, I can assure you that being nomadic brings out the best in me.

Traveling the world allows me to discover trends in one part of the world that could easily be applied and be successful in another. Our world is becoming smaller by the minute, and as a global citizen, I am keeping the pulse on everything luxury from Montreal to Beirut via Buenos Aires to ensure that I teach and share forward-thinking ideas.


We find ourselves at a point on the luxury timeline where experience and feeling matter more than prestige, logos, and pedigree. Choice is now in the hand of time-deprived consumers who demand to absorb the beauty of the present moment. In this new context, luxury can be defined as the feeling of time, passing almost at a stand-still, filled with unexpected emotions and experienced through all senses. In essence, the richest most luxurious experiences come when we fully embrace the moment of time effortlessly passing by. And what this means for anyone trying to promote a luxury product or service is simple:

Master the experience of time in space to perfect the feeling of luxury.

– Roxy Genier –


This is the story of how after being trained as an information specialist in the Canadian Navy, after working aboard superyachts and as a personal assistant to the 0.001%, and after becoming a successful luxury influencer  and the founder of a successful luxury marketing agency, I now focus my energy to teach new and emerging luxury brands how to perfect their luxury offering by creating digital-first luxury & travel experiences. 


In 1998, at the young age of 18 years old, I was just an ambitious girl who wanted to live life to the fullest. To push my personal and professional boundaries, I joined the Canadian Naval Reserve as a Naval Combat Information Operator. During my seven years of service, I sailed aboard destroyers and minesweepers, I lead groups of 30 students as a Naval Intelligence Instructor, and I protected military assets as part of the security force after 9/11.

To celebrate the turn of the century, I went sailing with my father in the Bahamas. It was then and there that I saw my first superyacht. As a sailor and someone who loved architecture, I was impressed by these vessels of luxury. Compared to a destroyer, a superyacht was a piece of beauty, and in 2005, I stepped aboard MY My Iris, a 150’ Trinity superyacht, as a junior crew member.

Working aboard superyachts is extremely challenging, even for someone who spent years in the Navy. The 0.001% can be demanding, and I was often asked to work 100h/week to satisfy the needs of our guests. This workload didn’t stop me from falling in love with having the privilege of traveling the world in its finest form.

For the following forty months, I dedicated my time to serve the world’s elite while sailing from Germany to Turkey (MY Tatiana (ex-MY Apoise), 220′ Lurssen superyacht), from Holland to Thailand (MY Anna, 220′ Feadship superyacht), and from Miami to St Barthélemy (MY Rhino (ex-MY Ohana), 154′ Admiral superyacht).

From my very first day aboard, I knew that I would focus my career to become a leading luxury expert. As a trained information expert, I also knew that I was privileged to be living side by side with billionaires and celebrities. This unique educational opportunity allowed me to study the daily habits, preferences, and lifestyle of the 0.001%, analyzing their behaviors, choices, and decisions to find patterns that were simply not taught anywhere else.

In 2008, I was ready for a new adventure. I took a position as a personal assistant for a successful British entrepreneur. For the following two and a half years, I followed him around the world, helping him oversee several virtual businesses while also managing his luxury properties.

As one of the first successful digital nomads, this nomadic entrepreneur taught me how to work remotely within an international team, how to manage my time and multiple projects while on the road, and how to enjoy a nomadic luxury lifestyle to the fullest. From that moment on, I became a New Rich, someone who values time and mobility above all else.

In 2011, I launched LuxeInACity, an online luxury travel magazine that showcased the best in travel and lifestyle, and in 2014, the Readers of USA Today nominated me as their fifth favorite luxury travel blogger. As a successful luxury influencer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of luxury brands to create thousands of pieces of content to share on social media with my fans and theirs.

In 2013, I expanded my service offer and co-founded Agence Luxury, a boutique agency for small luxury brands offering web design, content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, branding and creative design services. Over the following years, the agency grew from a small team of two to a team of 15 talented experts, all working together virtually from every corner of the world. It was also during this time that I fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle, changing countries every few months while driving the Pan-American highway from Canada to Colombia.

In 2015, I left my nomadic luxury lifestyle and moved to Milan to open an office in the Quadrilatero Della Moda.  Although business was booming, I felt unhappy with the sudden lifestyle change and the new direction of my agency. From the center of Milan’s luxury quarters, I noticed the change undergoing in the luxury industry, but also within me.  Something was happening and I needed to pay attention. Therefore, in the spring of 2016, after a series of important life decision, I decided to take some time away from both my luxury travel blog and my marketing agency to reconnect with my own version of luxury.

For over 24 months, I was offline, enjoying life’s little pleasures without sharing anything with the rest of the world. Although I love sharing my knowledge with others, I felt the need to spend this time in private. I needed the luxury of privacy like a billionaire escaping the world aboard his superyacht. I needed to just be me.

And what a journey it was!

I spent two months exploring the beauty of Portugal; two months with family and friends in Canada; two months relaxing in a luxury resort overseeing the beach in the Dominican Republic; two months exploring Colombia and Ecuador restarting my Pan-American road trip; two months sailing from Montreal to Miami via the Intracoastal Waterways with my father on his catamaran; six months in Peru eating my way towards a healthier lifestyle; two months touring Europe in a luxury RV; three months renovating our villa in Beirut, and another three months on the Pan American highway, driving from Lima to Buenos Aires.

And now, well rested, fully energized and confident in my acquired knowledge, I am ready to share my version of luxury with those who want to connect with the new values that are shaping the future of luxury.


Join me if you are.