Never has there been a better time for independent brands to become irresistible in the eyes of luxury consumers.

In this era of global conglomerated dominance, the luxury experience market has become saturated with sameness.

Uniformity as a form of cross-cultural unification has left us wanting more.

And as consequence, once we have experienced several of these extremely similar so-called luxury experiences throughout the world, we become numb to the standardization.

We seek something that makes us feel alive.

We all know that the luxury industry is undergoing a transformative change where pedigree and prestige is no longer the main drivers of influence.

Luxury lovers are redefining the way they express luxury by using words such as time, privacy, experience, authenticity, eco-friendliness, and uniqueness.

As luxury professionals, we must be aware of the consequences of such a paradigm shift to ensure that our beloved luxury brands stay relevant in both the mind and the heart of luxury consumers.

Luxury is at a tipping point.

As your private luxury consultant, I can give you tools, frameworks, and insights to properly position your luxury brand in a world where digital is ever more omnipresent.

And, once we have designed a winning strategy, my team and I can create the campaigns, content, and assets needed to tell your story to the world.

When should you hire me as your private luxury consultant?

The short answer is whenever you feel that something is off-course or whenever you are ready to make a significant change.

A few situations that can trigger the need to hire me as a luxury consultant:

– if your luxury brand is losing ground to the competition and you want to reverse the trend before the gap is too big;

– if no one knows your luxury brand’s name after years in business and you can’t figure out why;

– if sales have dropped significantly or are on a downward spiral and the stress keeps you up at night;

– if your marketing strategies are not bringing in the desired results and you need to get a winning strategy;

– if you are slowly slipping in search results although you have invested a lot in content marketing and SEO;

– if no one is returning your emails or connecting with you on social media and you feel alone;

– if your branding is confusing to everyone, even to your staff and you know you need to unify your branding elements;

– if you no longer want to grow the company you started, and need to make a change before everything spirals down; and

– if you feel like your luxury brand can be so much more.

or if you feel the need to

–  calibrate point of views when your senior leadership team is struggling to decide on the course of action to take and you need a luxury consultant to help make the call;

–  get insider know-how when your staff has limited experience in the luxury industry and you need a luxury specialist to give them guidelines;

–  innovate with fresh ideas when there is a sudden change in directions and you need to come up with a modern and effective plan B;

–  tap into insider knowledge when you can’t afford an in-house luxury specialist but you understand the value of having one on-demand;

–  achieve clarity when your team is telling you that everything is alright yet you know something is fundamentally wrong. You just don’t know what it is yet; and

–  get honest feedback when you need an outsider luxury brand management expert to give it to you straight up before you make a huge mistake.

Simply put, you just need someone by your side to bounce strategic decisions before you implement them with your team.


If you have made it this far, it means that you are curious to know more about how, together, we can transform your luxury brand story into one of long-term success.

To build on your curiosity, I offer you a collaboration process that will take you from the unknown to the known in very easy steps. I believe we must first build trust and confidence in our rapport before we can embark on a transformation journey together. Obviously, you may want to accelerate the process but know that…

time is never of the essence when talking luxury.

Therefore, the following transformative journey starts with these  first steps.



To initiate a collaboration, I recommend we start with a 30 min call where we will take 15 minutes to talk about your brand and another 15 min to talk about what I can do for you. There is no cost associated with this conversation, but do keep in mind that this Let’s Connect call will not give you any answers as to how to transform your brand experience for long-term success. It is meant to break the ice.



If you are satisfied with our first contact and want to discover more, the next step involves the completion of a mini-interview. Through a series of no more than 15 targetted questions, I will ask you to open up to me about your brand vision so that I can understand what makes your version of luxury truly unique. This step is completed in solo, in the privacy of your office or home, so that you can dig deep inside you to find the right answers. With this mini-interview, you will be asked to go back to your roots, to find the meaning behind your quest to build a successful brand by writing down the principles and values that define the authentic version of your brand. This step is usually completed within one to two weeks.



Once you feel comfortable with your answers, and feel the desire to proceed on your transformation journey, you will be asked to book an Initial Consultation Session. Prior to this session, I will review your mini-interview and browse your digital assets to get a first glance at your current luxury brand experience, trying to get a better feel for your version of luxury. We will then discuss your needs and my initial findings in our two-hour long conversation to get an overview of what our consultancy relationship would entail.

In essence, this first consultation, priced at $300, is meant to give you that sense of direction and help you determine if I am the right luxury consultant to advise on your transformation. I want you to believe that I can take you where you need to go before you hire me for an important project.



Now that you are confident in my skills as a digital luxury expert, let’s talk a little more about the consultancy services.

To be one of the few to have me on speed dial, you will be asked to pay a retainer fee for the selected number of hours/days/weeks of consultancy services in advance. This will ensure that I will always be available to answer your call when you need me the most. Isn’t that why you would need a private luxury consultant to oversee your brand transformation anyway?

Once we have solidified your strategy, you can either continue your transformative journey without me, implementing the findings of my analysis at your leisure, with or without an external team. Or, you may opt to hire my team and me to oversee the next steps.

A few services that we provide include branding, web design, marketing automation, marketing campaigns, marketing funnels, content marketing, social media, and more.

Now, the only question that remains is this…

When will you invest in your success story?