Luxury consulting: the responsibility to influence the world of luxury by bringing forward-thinking ideas to drive growth and empower innovation in high-craftmanship brands.

I believe luxury consulting requires a philosophical mindset with first-hand knowledge of global living because it is in experiencing every facet of life that we get to truly understand the luxury experience.


After serving my country (Canada) aboard destroyers and minesweepers, after serving UHNWI aboard superyachts and as a personal assistant, after leading the way as one of the first digital luxury influencers, and after designing or simply sharing the stories of hundreds, if not thousands of luxury brands, I now stand proud behind my nickname, offering luxury consulting services to those who dare to lead the future of luxury with purpose and for people and planet.


I believe that there has never been a better time for New Luxury brands to become irresistible in the eyes of luxury consumers.

We all know that the luxury industry is undergoing a transformative change where pedigree and prestige is no longer the main drivers of influence.

Luxury consumers are redefining the way they express luxury by using words such as time, privacy, experiential, authenticity, and sustainability.

As luxury professionals, we must be aware of the consequences of such a paradigm shift.

I believe luxury is at a tipping point.

And, I have made my choice.

I have embraced a futuristic version of luxury – the New Luxury philosophy.

And as a luxury consultant who travels the world in all its verticality, from working with superyacht brands to create memorable experiences for the 1% to working with an NGO to bring survival kits to those who don’t have access to clean water in remote areas of the world, I aim to uplift the brand experience of my clients by connecting dots that only a world traveler experienced in luxury living would see.

If you have made your choice and want to lead the future of luxury, connect with me to design a new world of possibilities.


Strategy is both art and science, math and music, future and past. Its where the right brain meets the left. Where a solid plan provides the structure for the choreography of communication. We believe in making mindful plans that are purpose driven and committed to long term growth.


Strengthening that connection of purpose and place through branding is such a vital step – even before we commit to a digital transformation. We believe that a luxury brand needs vision, purpose, values and once it goes out into the world it requires consistency and connective power.


Storytelling is one of the most ancient art forms, and when we tell the right stories – it can ripple across the world. We believe that is we choose the right digital storytelling platforms, a local brand can connect with a global audience without expending its physical footprint.


True luxury marketing must unravel and recognize the very essence of their audience. We believe it must speak a certain language – one that pays heed to the rhythm of how high net worth individuals move through the world.


For growth to take place, it is always best coming from a place of positive creativity. We believe in an immersive approach that combines offline and online methods to bring the right consumers to the digital or the physical showroom.