Never has there been a better time for independent brands to become irresistible in the eyes of luxury consumers.

In this era of global conglomerated dominance, the luxury experience market has become saturated with sameness. Uniformity as a form of cross-cultural unification has left us wanting more. And as consequence, once we have experienced several of these extremely similar so-called luxury experiences throughout the world, we become numb to the standardization and seek something that makes us feel alive.

As someone who has traveled the world to over 75 countries over the course of 170 months in search of her own definition of luxury, I can attest that many manicured luxury experiences leave me unfulfilled. I believe that what I should experience in The Bahamas should be completely different than what I should experience in Dubai. Yet, I walked through the exact same luxury hotel complex in both locations. The duplicated resort left me wondering why anyone would want to experience the sub-par version of the original, especially when the choices in luxury travel are almost unlimited.

As I continuously travel to find authentic luxury experiences that transform the way I see both myself and the world, I ask myself questions.

Why are so many independent luxury brands scared to be different? Why do they follow rules set by a few? Don’t they understand that sameness becomes boring? And boring means the end of their livelihood.

And, why don’t they understand that the way to engage the affluent consumer of tomorrow means designing luxury experiences that are both authentically local and empowered by technologies of the future?

In this millennium, and most likely in the next, brands will need to shape time and space into luxury experiences that embrace three realities – digital, virtual and physical.

Realities are blurring, yet, we remain human.

And as humans, we are asking brands to transcend the very notion of what we believe to be luxurious by including Extraordinary Moments of Time in Space (EMTS), or moments of distinctiveness captured by our human brain in the form of sensorial memory markers, throughout their branded experience

Because such extraordinary moments define our lives by transforming something deep inside of us.

They make us feel alive in a way that typical luxury doesn’t.

And when we feel alive, we remember.

And when we remember, we share with others.

Making such experiences the hallmark of New Luxury.


If you have made it this far, it means that you are curious to know more about how, together, we can transform your brand experience into one of New Luxury.

To build on your curiosity, I offer you a collaboration process that will take you from the unknown to the known in very easy steps. I believe we must first build trust and confidence in our rapport before we can embark on a transformation journey together. Obviously, you may want to accelerate the process but know that…

time is never of the essence when talking New Luxury.

Therefore, the following transformative journey can typically be completed within a few months.

Here are the five steps.



You might have read some of my blogs, or heard about me from a colleague, but a few questions remain unanswered. To initiate a collaboration, I recommend we start with a 30 min call where we will take 15 minutes to talk about your brand and another 15 min to talk about what I can do for you. There is no cost associated with this conversation, but do keep in mind that this “Fit” call will not give you any answers as to how to transform your brand experience into one of New Luxury. It is meant to break the ice.



If you are satisfied with our first contact and want to discover more, the next step involves the completion of a mini-interview. Through a series of no more than 15 targetted questions, I will ask you to open up to me about your brand vision so that I can understand what makes your version of luxury truly unique. This step is completed in solo, in the privacy of your office or home, so that you can dig deep inside you to find the right answers. With this mini-interview, you will be asked to go back to your roots, to find the meaning behind your quest to build a successful brand by writing down the principles and values that define the authentic version of your brand. This step is usually completed within one to two weeks.



Once you feel comfortable with your answers, and feel the desire to proceed on your transformative journey, you will be asked to book an Initial Consultation Session. Prior to this session, I will review your mini-interview and browse your digital assets to get a first glance at your current brand experience, trying to highlight the major moments in your customer journey. We will then discuss my initial findings in our one-hour long conversation.

Typically, 48h after our Initial Consultation Session, I will send you a proposal with three choices of analysis to lead your transformation journey. Each choice will focus on a reality – your digital experience, your physical experience or your wraparound experience (digital + physical). If you opt for the digital experience only, we will be able to work virtually throughout the journey. If you opt to include the physical, something to highly consider to perfect your overall transformation, you will be asked to send me products to sample, and/or to invite me to live your brand in person as part of the auditing process. I strongly believe that I should only advise you after I personally experience your brand at every touchpoint. I simply cannot give my opinion on your luxury hotel experience without staying, as a guest, for a few nights. And I cannot recommend how to perfect your packaging without first unwrapping your product for the first time. But I can advise on how to empower your version of luxury across your website and social media, by keeping everything virtual.

In essence, this Initial Consultation Session, priced at $300, is meant to give you that sense of direction and help you determine if I am the right luxury consultant to advise on your transformation.




If you loved what we talked about in our Initial Consultation Session, and want to continue on the transformative journey, the next step includes an Experience Audit.

An Experience Audit is designed for founders of independent brands who need to better understand what customers see and feel when they experience their brand in both time and space for the first time as well as what they recall from memory months later. It defines the moments in time and space that create your branded luxury experience.

As you are most likely aware, luxury consumers are masters of their time and space, and whoever tries to push their way in, will be pushed right out. They control when, where and how they will interact with your brand to move along the purchasing path. This shift in mindset requires luxury brands to identify key luxury experiences in the typical customer journey that need to be perfected and transformed into Extraordinary Moments of Time in Space.

Luxury experiences that make us feel alive are jam-packed with Extraordinary Moments of Time in Space (EMTS), moments of distinctiveness captured by the human brain in the form of sensorial memory markers.  The more EMTS that make up the experienced customer journey, the more it will stand the test of time. And when the moment comes to make a consumption choice, it is the brands that have made an emotional connection with us that will be given the gift of opportunity.

Imagine you are a luxury brand communicating 150 products through 25 different marketing channels to 20 different customer segments in 24 different time zones. This is over 1.8 million permutations of a single moment of interaction, the so-called branded luxury experience. By identifying those few moments that truly matter, your potential Extraordinary Moments of Time in Space, you can perfect your wraparound luxury experience and enrich the lives of those who seek your version of luxury.

The stimuli in our lives aren’t diminishing.  Our three realities, digital, virtual and physicals, are blurring at a rapid pace. With an Experience Audit, you will uncover how to speak the language of the extraordinary while staying true to your brand’s core values. The days of trying to master millions of interactions will be over if you focus your energy where it truly matters.

Typically, the auditing process takes between four to 16 weeks to complete, and cost ranges from $2,500 for a simple digital luxury experience audit of a new startup to $30,000 for a more complete wraparound audit of an established luxury brand. You will receive a complete report via email, and, once you have marked your questions, we will review everything together.



Once I submit my Experience Audit report, you will have yet another choice. You can either continue your transformative journey without me, implementing the findings of my analysis at your leisure, with or without an external team. Or, you may opt to keep me close by to oversee the transformation with you and your team.

To be one of the few to have me on speed dial, you will be asked to pay a retainer fee for the selected number of hours/days/weeks of consultancy services in advance. This will ensure that I will always be available to answer your call when you need me the most. Isn’t that why you would need a private luxury consultant to oversee your brand transformation anyway?

Typically, the consulting process takes between ten to 50 weeks depending on the transformation undertaken. Since my role at this point is to guide the transformation, I suggest the following three consulting options:

  • One-hour weekly coaching sessions for a set number of weeks, followed by additional 30-minute-long sessions for additional weeks.
    • Example: Twenty 1h long sessions followed by twenty 30-min sessions. Transformation achieved within 30 weeks with a consulting cost of $9,000
  • Two-hour weekly coaching sessions for a set number of weeks, followed by additional one-hour sessions for additional weeks.
    • Example: Twenty 2h sessions followed by twenty 1h sessions. Transformation achieved within 40 weeks with a consulting cost of $18,000
  • Three-hour weekly coaching sessions for a set number of weeks, followed by additional two-hour long sessions for additional weeks.
    • Example: Twenty 3h long sessions followed by twenty 2h sessions. Transformation achieved within 50 weeks with a consulting cost of $30,000.

Obviously, these options can be adapted to better suit your needs, adding or subtractions consulting sessions as need be. The only thing that is set is my rate of $300/h, a rate that reflects my first-hand experience in both luxury & luxury travel. A small price to pay to have me on speed-dial when you need the advice of a luxury consultant the most.

Now that you better understand how we can collaborate together to transform your brand experience into one of New Luxury, the only question that remains is…

When will you start the transformation?