Feeling galactic energy running,
The flow of information dancing,
Until crystallization emerges as reality.
My world, your world, our world,
Or illusion…
Who is the Master who knows?

But then, awoken, I remember,
I am a Genius amongst billions of geniuses,
United by Jupiter and Jove,
Electrifying as loving energy in motion
Displayed in a rollercoaster of human emotions
To reunite our broken Home.

Of billions of intra and extra galactic pathways
When seeing Arrow of Beauty
And sensing the strength of Warrior Rainbow
One must answer the call to protect Home,
And paint the Path of Truth
For those blinded by the clouded energy in motion.

And if 1,001 Stories must be sung as Whale Shark
While shapeshifting Eagle with Sun and Owl with Moon
To protect the Mother Turtle we call Home
Then keep singing
Fear must never push Love away
Because the healing Powers of Beauty
As the feeling within the Prayer of Light
Is your Universal Dance to sing.

Doorway to Home