A moment.

A feeling.

An idea.

A thought.


Every moment of time in space exudes specific energy.

A unique set of characteristics.

That was never reproduced before and will never be reproduced again.

It as an energy that is unique.

And when this energy is extraordinary, when it sits at the edge of reality, it creates a sensation in our body, mind, and soul, a sensation that surprises us into alive hood by pushing us up and forward in our quest for self-actualization.


I call these moments Extraordinary Moments of Time in Space.

These are the moments that define who we are and where we are.

By connecting our inner experience of self with our outer experience of self.


Sizzling with emotions, ideas, thoughts, and sensations.

We finally wake up from the mundane.

And are transformed by the combination of elements connecting this moment of extraordinariness.

Towards a higher self.


We have an aesthetic experience that finally makes us feel aware.

Aware that we are humans.

That we have the power to create.

To learn, to play, to dream the unimaginable.

To choose.

To move.

From one state of reality to the next.

By allowing ourselves the liberties that are often called luxuries.



Hated by many but coveted by even more.

It is a privilege of the excess.

From the ordinary that plagues our every day.

It is an abundant expression of our ideas/ideals.

Forever pushing human consciousness.

Up and forwards on the arrow of time.

Towards an elevated state of living.

Uplifting our humanity.

By inspiring the extraordinary.

From within.

And by expressing it.

From without.