Gain insider knowledge from top experts in the field so you can better serve the luxury consumer of the future with a 360-degree understanding of New Luxury.


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12 weeks
Study time 4h-7h/week




Roxy Genier - New Luxury - Online Course - Insider Knowledge


This unique course offers you the opportunity to master industry-specific skills valued by top employers of luxury, while at the same time giving you the confidence to pave your way as a leader of New Luxury.  After graduating, you’ll be ready to join the ranks of forward-thinking luxury organizations, either big or small, or even go independent as a New Luxury startup founder.

Roxy Genier - New Luxury - Online Course - 360 Approach to New Luxury


Our expert content partners represent the entire luxury ecosystem, from yachting to fashion, from jewelry to travel, to instill a 360-degree understanding of the luxury mindset. By tackling luxury from all angles you will build a broad foundation that will make you an invaluable addition to any luxury brand seeking to lead the future of luxury.

Roxy Genier - New Luxury - Online Course - Real World Experience


In this unique course, you’ll be asked to step into the mindset of the 1% to better understand their luxury lifestyle needs. You’ll learn and apply new techniques, analyze case studies, and own luxury industry specific frameworks to grow your portfolio of luxury knowledge.

Roxy Genier - New Luxury - Online Course - Advance Your Career


The Let’s Talk New Luxury course is designed to ensure your long-term success in the luxury industry. As the definition of luxury is shifting towards New Luxury, the skills you will learn will prepare you for jobs in an industry that has resisted to change for several decades. With the newly acquired knowledge, you will be ready to deliver immediate value to any luxury brand. We will support you throughout your journey, from gaining valuable luxury skills to building a great network and, hopefully, landing your dream job or launching your new startup.


Roxy Genier - Luxury Professionals - Students

Beginners AND advanced luxury students who are aware of the shift happening in luxury. You are keen to deepen your understanding of New Luxury so you may shape its future through your own actions.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Professionals - Luxury brand management

Professionals who want to further their education in luxury brand management.You want to learn how to master the New Luxury lexicon that is shaping the future of luxury, so you may make your mark in luxury.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Professionals - Luxury startup entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who want to lead with their own luxury brand. You’re ready for insights that help you connect with those who share your vision of luxury but need more time to properly understand the new code.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Professionals - self-learner

Self-learners who want to be at the forefront of New Luxury. You strongly believe that luxury needs a re-brand and you want to be an active member of the community.



THE DEFINITION - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the evolving nature of the luxury meaning throughout history;
  • the divided definition of luxury in the 21st century;
  • the way we define luxury as an expression of our own individuality;
  • the opportunity for those who focus their attention on cultural sub-groups; and,
  • the rise of New Luxury as a rallying cry for the betterment of our global community.


THE PERSONAS - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the different mindsets of luxury consumers;
  • the different ways luxury consumers express their status in our world;
  • the importance of personal values in luxury consumption choices;
  • the distinction between tangibles and intangibles and how they affect our perception of luxury; and
  • the social, cultural, geographical, generational and financial factors that influence luxury consumption choices.


THE PLAYERS - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the importance of luxury conglomerates in the industry;
  • the issues facing luxury conglomerates over the last few decades;
  • the challenges of independent luxury brands who are trying to resist the pressures from luxury conglomerates;
  • the challenges and risks of smaller family luxury brands who are betting all on their heritage while resisting to digitalization; and,
  • the disruption of startups who are challenging the very notion of luxury by embracing digitalization.


LEARNING PROJECT - Roxy Genier - Online luxury course

You will be given a learning project to link together the first three modules – the definition, the personas, and the players. The project should take up the 10 hours to complete and is required to receive the course certificate of achievement.


THE FORCES - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the way globalization has changed the luxury landscape over the last few decades;
  • the rise of China, India and other emerging markets as a force disrupting the luxury industry;
  • the importance of empowerment movements that are drastically changing the way luxury is consumed;
  • the advent of new technologies such as global mass media, social media, e-commerce, m-commerce, and big data on the way we interact with luxury brands; and,
  • the rise of a global environmental conscience, the perfect luxury lifestyle and global living on the way we consume luxury goods.


THE PROBLEM - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the twelve anti-values that currently define the luxury industry;
  • the global consequences of choosing profit with no regards to people and planet; and,
  • the monumental risk being taken by luxury brands who are not taking necessary actions to drastically change.


THE REQUEST - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the way different generations are calling out to luxury brands for a chance in attitude (baby boomers, generations X, millennials, and generation Z);
  • the importance of social media influencers who share the ugly truth of luxury and activate change in the industry; and,
  • the power of our global community to challenge luxury brands to lead the way to a better world.


LEARNING PROJECT - Roxy Genier - Online luxury course

You will be given a learning project to link together the second three modules – the forces, the problem, and the request. The project should take up the 10 hours to complete and is required to receive the course certificate of achievement.


THE MANIFESTO - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the 12 values of New Luxury and the promise of a better version of luxury for the betterment of all;
  • the people, groups, and brands that are leading the way of New Luxury; and,
  • the ways you can implement change in your personal consumption choices and professional production choices to join the New Luxury movements.


THE CASE STUDIES - Roxy Genier - Let's Talk New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will learn:

  • the way outerwear brands such as Patagonia and Arcterix, and fashion activists such as Stella McCartney are challenging the ways of conglomerated luxury brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton in the fashion industry;
  • the way Ducati is challenging the ways of Harley-Davidson in the luxury leisure industry;
  • the way Peruvian chefs are transforming the high-end restaurant industry by embracing their cultural roots;
  • the way luxury hotels in Bali are leading the way in sustainable travel drawing affluent travelers of every generation;
  • the way DeBeers is being challenged by the man-made diamond industry and how they have rebranded the idea of diamonds to undercut their offer;
  • and more.


THE FRAMEWORKS - Roxy Genier - New Luxury ICON - online luxury course

You will be given frameworks to guide you and your luxury brand in the transformation from luxury to New Luxury.

12 Luxury Anti-Value to New Luxury Value transformation frameworks will be provided.


LEARNING PROJECT - Roxy Genier - Online luxury course

You will be given a learning project to link together the last three modules – the manifesto, the case studies, and the frameworks. The project should take up the 10 hours to complete and is required to receive the course certificate of achievement.


Roxy Genier - Luxury Course - Insightful Knowledge

Insightful knowledge to distinguish yourself amongst industry peers.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Course - Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to the course content so that you can always come back to refresh your memory.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Course - Facebook Community

A private Facebook group of forward-thinking peers to help you drive luxury towards a better future.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Course - Frameworks

A set of frameworks, worksheets, and tools to use throughout your luxury career.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Course - Course Certificate

A certification of achievement to show off your new skillsets on LinkedIn and in your CV.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Course - Sense of Direction

Walking away with a new sense of direction.


Our online courses are delivered by distance learning through a dedicated platform at courses.roxygenier.com. Once registered, you will be given access to the platform a week before the course start date, so you may familiarize yourself with the platform.

Available online via your secure student login at courses.roxygenier.com. The modules provide the basic knowledge for the whole course and will be delivered, week by week, according to a 12-week schedule. Each module is designed to be self-contained with an additional reading list where applicable.

Students agree not to access the Course Material for any reason other than for your personal use and solely for the purpose of study. Students agree not to distribute any part or parts of the Course Material in any medium without Roxy Génier’s prior written authorization. On accessing the course material all fees under this agreement become payable.

Our courses are conducted in English, in verbal and written format. However, support can be provided in both French and Spanish depending on the student needs.

This online course is delivered over a period of 12 weeks. The modules are available to students thereafter via the hosted platform, so you may always refer back to the information when needed.

We recommend 4-7 hours of study time per week, with additional time being set aside for completing the learning projects, but since the modules will be available to you on an ongoing basic, you can take all your time to complete the modules.

Three learning projects per course give the students the opportunity to dig deeper into their newly acquired knowledge. Assignments must be completed within 60 days of the course finish date to receive the course certificate.

Some modules contain self-assessment questions designed to help candidates consolidate their knowledge.

Students will be given access to a private Facebook group to share their knowledge, ask questions and connect with fellow students. Non-compulsory webinars will be held for additional support. Students will be given the time and date via the course platform and via the private Facebook group.

This course is priced at USD$2,000. Exclusive offers are available to select groups of students. Please email us at edu@roxygenier.com to see if you qualify for a student discount.

Payment must be made upon application either via the RoxyGenier.com website using both PayPal or your preferred credit card. If you prefer to register manually, you can send us the Enrollment Application form available here and pay by either wire transfer, email transfer (Canadian participants only) or credit card.

Available for group registrations. Please contact edu@roxygenier.com for details.

Cancellations can only be made in writing with more than a week’s notice before the course or workshop start date. Course fees less an administration fee of USD$30 for each workshop and USD$50 for each online course will be refunded. After, the student becomes liable for all course fees due.

We record your personal information when you contact us and use this to manage registration, study, examination and other services. Your data will never be given or leased to third parties

For matters relating to enrolment, payment or fees, change of enrolment details, please contact edu@roxygenier.com or schedule a Q&A session with us using the calendar provided on this page.




Roxanne Génier is known for her wealth of experience servicing the 0.01% while traveling the world to over 75 countries over the course of 170 months.

Trained as a naval information specialist in the Canadian Navy, Roxanne began her career in luxury in 2005 aboard superyachts, working for Russian, Canadian and American billionaires and celebrities. After nearly a decade at sea, she stepped ashore to embrace the role of personal assistant to high-net-worth British and Canadian entrepreneurs.

Seeking both freedoms of time and mobility, Roxanne launched LuxeInACity in 2011, a digital platform showcasing the best in luxury travel and luxury lifestyle, and in 2014, the readers of USA Today nominated her as their fifth favorite luxury travel blogger.

As a response from the community, Roxanne co-founded Agence Luxury in 2013, a digital marketing agency catering to independent luxury brands. Although the agency was growing with its new office in Milan’s fashion district, a series of events left Roxanne questioning the meaning of luxury and its impact on our globality. In 2016, she decided to return to her roots as a nomadic world traveler to find her own version of luxury.

Now, two years later, standing proudly behind her nickname, Roxy shares her findings in a series of in-person workshops and online courses tailored to those who want to redefine the future of the luxury industry.

Roxy is also available to select startups and brands as an independent consultant.


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