What is the new luxury meaning when everyone can own a piece of Gucci, or at the very least, rent one for a night out. One must wonder if these so-called luxury brands still have status in our society. I believe they do not.

What is the new luxury meaning when those who can afford all the luxuries in the world recount that their ‘true’ luxury is time (quality time spent with loved ones to be more precise)? One should re-examine the values associated with how we define success in this world.

And what is the new luxury meaning when all the free luxuries of this world are lost in a globalized sea of conspicuous overconsumption. One needs to embrace a more philosophical approach to study the very definition of luxury instead of listening to what big conglomerated brands have us believe.

As someone who has traveled the world for nearly two decades in search of her own version of luxury, let me guide you in your personal exploration by questioning your beliefs on luxury.

Fast luxury is not luxury

Don’t be fooled by the bling. Bernard Arnault (LVMH conglomerate), François-Henri Pinault (Kering conglomerate) and friends are not in the business of fulfilling your version of luxury. They are businessmen who are building their financial empires by making you buy into their own dreams of luxury.

Ask yourself…

Why purchase the infamous Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag when thousands if not tens of thousands have been spotted in every corner of the world? Be honest with yourself, don’t you prefer the handbag designed by your favorite local designer anyway?

And why carry this mass-produced and over-priced handbag with you to the French Riviera when you can embark on a South American adventure that will redefine what you believe to be true in this world? Wouldn’t you rather be one of the few outsiders discovering the new Chilean Riviera with your exotic Singaporean handbag instead?

At its very root, luxury is an existential idea that embraces the very notion of individual self-expression.

And because of the subjectivity of the term ‘luxury’, what is luxury for me may just be ordinary to you.

Because who I am, what I love and what I value is not a representation of your inner-self.

It is a depiction of mine.

When we liberate our mind from all social expectations, when we focus on the beauty of what is truly important to us, only then can we savor the essence of true luxury.

So, stop mimicking others, and learn to embrace your own version of luxury instead.

Because the way we express luxury defines who we are as a person.

It’s time to decide.

Will you build the luxury dream of a few billionaires by over-spending on mass-produced machine-made items portrayed as luxury goods with fairy tales marketing tactics or will you express your true individuality by supporting those who have the audacity to keep the tradition of high artisanship alive?

How one defines luxury cannot be judge, because luxury is, and always had been, self-expression in its truest form.

Express yourself.

I say #no2fastluxury.

And you?