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Luxury is curated experiences. Social media, influencer marketing, public relations, marketing automation, product placements, content marketing, paid & organic search, sponsorships, pop-ups and co-branded partnerships, when every promotion tactic is available to everyone, luxury needs to remain discerning in their communication choices to maintain high standards ensuring an effortless & extraordinary branded experience. Letting your fans navigate their way through a storm of available channels is simply not the way to gain loyalty in luxury today.

Let’s Talk Luxury Experience is your guide to understanding the range of touchpoints available to luxury brands today, to build a communication strategy that will most appeal to your current luxury customer fan base, and to perfect your luxury customer journey in an omnichannel marketing approach.

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Beginners AND advanced luxury students who want to study best-in-class case studies to learn how to effortlessly connect with luxury lovers. You understand that you can learn a lot from taking inspiration from those who excel.

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Professionals who want to perfect how and when they present their luxury brand to luxury lovers. You believe in building strong relationships and need help understanding the current luxury touchpoint landscape.

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Entrepreneurs who understand that they are competing against luxury conglomerates with unlimited resources.  You need to find ways to build loyalty within your niche audience by taking your fans on an experiential journey that is one-step above the best.

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Self-learners who want to further their education in luxury brand management. You want to take your brand to new heights by creating selective luxury customer journeys that speak to the heart and soul of luxury lovers.


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Insightful knowledge to take your luxury brand towards a better future.

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An interactive learning environment where you will be invited to join the conversation.

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A small group of peers that will hopefully grow into a support community.

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A set of learning tools to bring home after the workshop.

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Our energy invested in making this one-day workshop better than expected.

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Walking away with a new sense of direction.


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To complete your mini-interview. This will help better prepare the lecture plan to the needs of the attendees.

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Arriving early, or on-time to the workshop, entering the space with an open mind to discuss new things.

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Your undivided attention and maximum energy during the workshop, with notebook in hand.

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A desire to connect with the other workshop attendees in the hopes of building a sense of community.



Our workshops are delivered in person at a location announced within two weeks of start date.

The venue will be announced two weeks prior to the start of the workshop. It will be centrally located with easy access.

Our workshops start at 9 am and finish at 5 pm, with an hour-long break. The instructor will be available until 7 pm for after-hours discussions.

Our courses are conducted in English, in verbal and written format. However, support can be provided in both French and Spanish depending on the workshop location or the student needs.

Course material will be provided to workshop participants. Students are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen, leaving their laptops behind for better class engagement.

There is no examination, but participants will be given participatory certificates.

We believe in the power of the small group, therefore, the attendee limit is set at 20 students per workshop.

Each one-day workshop is priced at USD$300. The Let’s Talk Everything three-day workshop bundle is priced at USD$800. Price covers workshop course materials.

Not included in the fees: Any travel, food or accommodation required.

Available for group registrations. Please contact for details.

Cancellations can only be made in writing with more than a week’s notice before the course or workshop start date. Course fees less an administration fee of USD$30 for each workshop and USD$50 for each online course will be refunded. After, the student becomes liable for all course fees due.

We record your personal information when you contact us and use this to manage registration, study, examination and other services. Your data will never be given or leased to third parties.

For matters relating to enrolment, payment or fees, change of enrolment details, please contact


Roxanne Génier is known for her wealth of experience servicing the 0.01% while traveling the world to over 75 countries over the course of 170 months.

Trained as a naval information specialist in the Canadian Navy, Roxanne began her career in luxury in 2005 aboard superyachts, working for Russian, Canadian and American billionaires and celebrities. After nearly a decade at sea, she stepped ashore to embrace the role of personal assistant to high-net-worth British and Canadian entrepreneurs.

Seeking both freedoms of time and mobility, Roxanne launched LuxeInACity in 2011, a digital platform showcasing the best in luxury travel and luxury lifestyle, and in 2014, the readers of USA Today nominated her as their fifth favorite luxury travel blogger.

As a response from the community, Roxanne co-founded Agence Luxury in 2013, a digital marketing agency catering to independent luxury brands. Although the agency was growing with its new office in Milan’s fashion district, a series of events left Roxanne questioning the meaning of luxury and its impact on our globality. In 2016, she decided to return to her roots as a nomadic world traveler to find her own version of luxury.

Now, two years later, standing proudly behind her nickname, Roxy shares her findings in a series of in-person workshops and online courses tailored to those who want to redefine the future of the luxury industry for the betterment of our global community.

Roxy is also available to select startups and brands as an independent consultant.



If you’re passionate about the luxury experience…

If you can’t wait to master the feeling of time in space…

It means you are ready to participate in this workshop.

So believe in your passion.

And gift yourself the experience you deserve.

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Montreal – Oct 18, 2018, New York – Nov 1, 2018, Buenos Aires – Nov 15, 2018, Santiago de Chile – Nov 29, 2018