Let's talk New luxury workshop

Let’s Talk New Luxury Workshop


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Luxury is being redefined. In a world of constant disruption brought on by the advent of new technology, the original code of luxury is currently being overthrown by a new set of rules. For luxury lovers, value is no longer prominently found in ownership but rather in an elevated state of living. And what this means for anyone trying to promote a luxury product or service is simple. You must first master the feeling of time in space and embrace the new values of luxury such as authenticity, transparency, sustainability, privacy, data security,  and personalization to reach the heart and soul of your prospective clients.

This workshop and online course are your guide to understand the changing definition of luxury in a state of liminality where old rules and new rules are a constant duality, to speak the new lexicon of luxury values while staying true to its traditional foundations, and to be better prepared to service the luxury consumer of the future.

Schedule: 9 am to 5 pm

Location: TBD

Number of attendees: 6-12

Value: priceless


— A flexible learning schedule where the content presented will be tailored to match the needs of the attendees (a mini-interview will be requested of all participants ahead of time);

— An interactive learning environment where you will be invited to join the conversation;

— A small group of peers that will hopefully grow into a support community;

— A set of learning tools to bring home after the workshop;

— My energy invested in making this one-day workshop better than expected;

— Walking away with a new sense of direction.


— To complete your mini-interview as requested. This will help better prepare the lecture plan as I aim to tailor each workshop to the needs of the attendees;

— Arriving early, or on-time to the workshop, leaving your ego at the door and entering the space with an open mind.

— Your undivided attention and maximum energy during the workshop, with notebook in hand;

— A desire to connect with the other workshop attendees in the hopes of building a sense of community.



— The privilege of getting an inside view into the daily habits of billionaires and multi-millionaires for more than twelve years is what makes me a luxury expert.

— Spending several years aboard 50-million-euros to 220-million-euros superyachts while working for a Russian billionaire, an American billionaire, a Canadian billionaire, an American TV celebrity, and a prominent American real estate developer while sailing around the world is one thing.

— Managing several luxury residences, purchasing a few million dollars of luxury goods including two luxury SUVs in less than one hour, and booking several dozen luxury trips in the name of a British high-net-worth entrepreneur is another.

— Being recognized as one of the top luxury and luxury travel blogger for my luxury travel blog, Luxe In A City, by numerous industry insiders including USA Today, Pursuitist, Lux Authority, Upstyle Travel, The Luxe Insider, Luxury Activist, Ligne Magazine and many more is the third one.

— Overseeing the creation of a few thousand pieces of content including websites, ebooks, videos, infographics and blog posts for luxury brands such as Feadship, Motor Yacht Starfire, and Presidential Aviation as the founder of a luxury marketing agency is one more.

— And my personal favorite. Traveling the world for nearly 170 months to over 75 countries to find my own version of luxury is a last one.

— My luxury expertise comes from having direct contact with the 0.001% and the brands they love, not from simply reading about them in the news.

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Montreal – Sep 25, 2018, Toronto – Oct 2, 2018, New York – Oct 10, 2018, Montreal – Oct 23, 2018 (French), Buenos Aires – Nov 7, 2018, Santiago de Chile – Nov 20, 2018