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TO’AK CHOCOLATE is luxury chocolate like you have never experienced before.  As tree-to-bar Ecuadorian fine chocolate makers, To’ak Chocolate draws heavily from the techniques and tradition of both winemakers and whisky distilleries to make the world’s most valuable luxury chocolate. Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, and even National Geographic have all expressed their love for To’ak Chocolate. And so will you.

At To’ak, chocolate is made to express the land and weather idiosyncrasies of each specific year. As with wine, the flavor characteristics of dark chocolate vary according to the soil and climate in which the cacao was grown. A piece of luxury chocolate from the 2016 harvest would therefore taste and feel different than one from 2017. Same cacao trees, yet different chocolate tasting profiles. One may taste like pistachio and orange bitter while the other tastes like ripe bananas and mint.

Interesting, right? Now imagine if To’ak Chocolate pushed the concept of luxury chocolate one step more. The question asked was: “what would happen if we aged our fine chocolate in barrels in the same fashion as grapes are aged to make fine wines”.

You may already know that dark chocolate and wine are both rich with tannins and other polyphenols. These compounds, also called flavonoids, largely determine what we taste in a wine or dark chocolate and how it feels in our mouth. Over time, these compounds are chemically altered through processes such as oxidation. Extractable compounds from oak barrels and other storage vessels add another layer of complexity through the process of aging. As dark chocolate matures with age, its flavor profile evolves.

From tequila aging to bourbon aging, To’ak Chocolate is having fun designing luxury chocolate experiences for our taste buds. They have successfully reinvented chocolate by pushing it up the experience pyramid. And trust me, when you first experience the melting of a piece of To’ak Chocolate in your mouth, an experience that can take up to a minute or more, and which lingers for several minutes more, you will understand why To’ak is in a league of its own.

Apart from producing the world’s most valuable luxury chocolate, To’ak Chocolate is also leading the way in sustainability. Born from a rainforest conservation project which currently protects over 560 hectares (1,400 acres) of tropical forest along the Ecuadorian coastal mountain range, To’ak’s main mission is to protect a rare Ecuadorian cacao variety called “Nacional” which traces its genetic lineage back at least 5,300 years, to the first known cacao trees domesticated by humanity. By the dawn of the 21st century, this famed cacao variety was believed to be extinct. In the valley of Piedra de Plata, To’ak  Chocolate found old-growth cacao trees that have been confirmed by DNA tests to be 100% pure Nacional. This is the cacao they use to make their praised luxury chocolate.

To’ak Chocolate is now working with a coalition of local cacao growers, conservationists, and international universities to save Nacional cacao from the brink of extinction by grafting cuttings onto seedlings and planted in a protected plot of land in the nearby Jama-Coaque Ecological Reserve, managed by the rainforest conservation foundation Third Millennium Alliance. Within three years, each of these young trees will be able to provide enough cuttings to reproduce dozens of additional pure Nacional seedlings each year, which will then be distributed to any local cacao grower who wants to help save this historic variety from extinction. To’ak Chocolate calls it the Noah’s Ark of Ancient Nacional cacao.

If we combine the unique flavor profile of To’ak Chocolate with the team’s conservation efforts, we can understand why everyone is raving about To’ak Chocolate. Try is alone, with friends or family, and remember, it is not To’ak’s price point that makes it a luxurious experience, it is its luxurious sustainable experience that justifies the price point.

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To’ak Chocolate
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Heirloom Cacao preservation
Europe Organic
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To'ak Chocolatier - Luxury Dark Chocolate from Ecuador


$360.00 USD | 50g (1.76 oz) | Matured 4 Years

To’ak’s inaugural 2014 edition aged for four years with Andean Alder wood—our most delightfully eccentric dark chocolate thus far. Savory notes of rosemary, oregano, roasted beef, campfire, punctuated with cranberry and creamy spice. “This chocolate is for more experienced palates.” says co-founder Carl Schweizer.

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To'ak Chocolatier - Luxury Dark Chocolate from Ecuador - Vintage 2015 Islay Whisky Cask - 1


$375.00 USD | 50g (1.76 oz) | Matured 3 Years

To’ak’s softest and most subtle expression of Ecuadorian fine dark chocolate is aged for three years in a single malt whisky cask from the famed Laphroaig distillery in Islay, one of the most iconic and respected whiskies in the world. “It’s kind of dazzling…” writes Owen Dugan, food critic with Wine Spectator and Cigar Aficionado.

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To'ak Chocolatier - Luxury Dark Chocolate from Ecuador - Vintage 2015 Kampot Pepper -1


$365.00 USD | 50g (1.76 oz) | Matured 3 Years

The world’s most celebrated pepper, from the Cambodian province of Kampot, meets the world’s most luxurious dark chocolate, from To’ak in Ecuador—aged for three years. A bold and floral chocolate with an artful touch of spice. Ideal for pairing with cheese, tequila, or rye whisky. Sample of Kampot pepper is included.

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To'ak Chocolatier - Luxury Dark Chocolate from Ecuador - 2017 bourbon cask 2y


$355.00 USD | 50g (1.76 oz) | Matured 2 Years

We chose Woodford Reserve’s distillery as the source of this barrel for reasons both personal and flavorful. The charred American Oak barrel, naturally rich with vanillins and now gently impregnated with the aromas of Bourbon whisky, proved to be a wonderful aging vessel for Ecuadorian dark chocolate.

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To'ak Chocolatier - Luxury Dark Chocolate from Ecuador - 2015 Tequila Cask -1


$375.00 USD | 50g (1.76 oz) | Matured 3 Years

We believe that Don Julio’s pioneering work in the craft of fine tequila has much in common with our work in the craft of exquisite chocolate. We selected our Rain Harvest 2015 – Light (73%) to mature in one of our Don Julio fine tequila casks to achieve a pairing made in heaven for your enjoyment.

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To'ak Chocolatier - Luxury Dark Chocolate from Ecuador


$365.00 USD | 50g (1.76 oz) | Matured 3 Years

Palo Santo wood, renowned for its fragrant essential oils, is actually native to the forests of coastal Ecuador. It grows wild in the very same province in which To’ak was born. Our most fragrant edition of To’ak chocolate aged with this powerfully aromatic wood = profoundly exotic flavor profile.

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  • for leading the research and conservation efforts for Nacional cacao, protecting it from extinction;
  • for paying their farmers the highest price per pound in Ecuador, well-above fair-trade rates;
  • for hand-selecting the cacao beans at the source for the ultimate quality control;
  • for elevating the chocolate experience to the levels of fine wines and whiskeys;
  • for taking the risk to challenge an entire industry of mass produced chocolate bars head-on;
  • for making me discover chocolate for the very first-time.


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To’ak Chocolate is driving the sustainable movement by partnering with Third Millenial Alliance.

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To’ak Chocolate is accountable for their choices and has no problem sharing traceable stories of its supply chain.

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To’ak Chocolate went beyond experiential by transforming the way cacao is perceived and consumed.

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To’ak Chocolate is creating a legacy by opening up their doors to those who seek to become chocolate connoisseurs.

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To’ak Chocolate makes our taste buds feel alive by returning cacao to its original status of a luxury delicacy.

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To’ak Chocolate gives back to the people of Ecuador by reinvesting part of their profits to protect a national treasure.