The internet has forever changed the entire face of our personal interaction with time and space.

What used to be only possible locally, is now possible globally.

What used to only be available to a few, is now available to those who dare to dream of the unconventional.

The world is slowly becoming one global village, where one can dine in the East then wake up in the West.

Obviously, wealthy individuals with their private jets can live in the sky.

But those who are not billionaires yet who have already embraced the future of living understand this too.

Some call them digital nomads.

Others call them outliers.

But outliers may soon become the norm as technology will continue to assist us towards a better life.

A life of independence.

Of freedom of time and mobility.

To travel the world in search of aesthetic experiences.

Climbing the Andes.

Sailing the Intracoastal waterways.

Diving the Red Sea.

Driving the Pan American highway

The New Rich have understood that there is only one moment that matters.

The present moment.

Everything in the past can only be experienced in memories.

And memories are fickle.

They can easily be manipulated.

As one reality can easily blur with the next.

As for the future…

Well, whatever man or woman can dream up, can be experienced.

Experiencing in the mind.

Experiencing in the real.

The difference is so fickle.

As dreams can also make us feel alive in the present.

Hence, the present, that moment of time in space where you are connected.

This is life.

And when you align life with your version of luxury, regardless of its version, then this is life worth living for.


Now let’s say you are a luxury professional.

And you need to design an experience,

whether in the form of a product, a service or an event,

Remember this.

If you want to cater to the wealthy or the New Rich,

Design experiences that make us feel alive.

Moments of time in space that triggers our emotions.

That call our attention from the edge of the world.

Because we have the choice.

The choice to be anywhere at any time.

And we, as aesthetic experience seekers, are looking for the extraordinary.

Champagne is nice.

But we have had many bottles in the past.

And we are focusing on living our best life, for as long as possible.

So healthier options may capture our attention.

But regardless of if you offer champagne or not,

The decision is yours,

Remember this.

If I am there physically, but not mentally.

I am not there.

If I am there mentally, but not emotionally.

I am not there.

So, if you want my attention, my time, and my energy (aka money),

Take a risk to be different.

To be yourself.

To show me spontaneity and innovation.

UHNWI or New Rich, we seek the same.

To experience the finest expressions of human ingenuity.

From here all to way to over there.

When time becomes your luxury,

Your luxury will become life itself.