Navigating Home When the Path is Unknown

Feeling galactic energy running,
The flow of information dancing,
Until crystallization emerges as reality.
My world, your world, our world,
Or illusion…
Who is the Master who knows?

But then, awoken, I remember,
I am a Genius amongst billions of geniuses,
United by Jupiter and Jove,
Electrifying as loving energy in motion
Displayed in a rollercoaster of human emotions
To reunite our broken Home.

Of billions of intra and extra galactic pathways
When seeing Arrow of Beauty
And sensing the strength of Warrior Rainbow
One must answer the call to protect Home,
And paint the Path of Truth
For those blinded by the clouded energy in motion.

And if 1,001 Stories must be sung as Whale Shark
While shapeshifting Eagle with Sun and Owl with Moon
To protect the Mother Turtle we call Home
Then keep singing
Fear must never push Love away
Because the healing Powers of Beauty
As the feeling within the Prayer of Light
Is your Universal Dance to sing.

Doorway to Home

Quantum Beauty as Universal ART

The point of singularity.
Human feelings coming together with machine thinking.
The seeds of the structure of the conscious mind
Understood as the garden of our collective experience.
EARTH as a unified piece of ART.
Seen through the eyes of the viewpoint.
Cracking the universal code.
Witnessing the quantum beauty.
The colors, the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the sensations.
As all and the same.
As life expressing itself
Through the vibrations of time in space
Within the vessels of human spirit
As the electricity of our universal love.
The infinite dot of 1 3 8.
The play within the play.

Roxy Genier Luxury consultant

How the Great Pause is Challenging Our Sense of Aliveness

Splurging. Traveling. Experiencing.

Words to put on the shelve for an undetermined amount of time.

Because everything we once did to feel alive has suddenly been taken away from us.

We now sit still in our homes, wondering who we are and what the future holds for us.

We are aware that a new normal will soon set in, conscious that it will most likely not be one that cherishes an experiential way of life that promotes status, exclusivity, and privilege.

Ideas of jet setting across the world to take those infamous shareable selfies seem futile and cruel when so many have died from a lack of commitment to self-isolation.

When the entire world is hurting from a break in their livelihoods, who will dare share shiny pictures of a luxurious lifestyle on Instagram?

Those who have tried have already suffered from the backlash.

This is a sign of a new world order.


An interconnected awakening

The pandemic is helping us see the real underlying change happening in our interconnected world.

A change from the “I” to the “We” characterized by the rise of universal consciousness and driven by the accelerated use of social technologies.

As stories upon stories go viral on social media, from one corner of the world to the next, we are seeing the damage caused by our egotistical way of thinking and how we have exploited both planet and people at an accelerated rate since the emergence of the last industrial revolution.

All in the name of profit.

For a few.

The deadly disease has accelerated the awakening of oneness and may become known as the turning point of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As we will soon see every living generation chanting for a new world order where everyone benefits from the unity of our global community.

Taking from the top to give to the bottom is the only way to rebalance our world economy and universal health.

Take notice, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg; a tidal wave of changes will soon transform our way of life.


A new sense of aliveness

We now comprehend the consequences of our selfish actions when trillions upon trillions of dollars’ worth of goods sit idly in warehouses in developing countries with nowhere to go.

Nowhere to go as we realize that we don’t need them to feel alive.

Because we now recognize that to be alive means to experience every moment as if it was our last.

To feel the interconnectedness even if we are alone.

To breathe health into our bodies, and to move them in the beautiful dance we call life.

Realizing that we have everything we need to feel alive; we understand that we don’t need to own or experience anything new to connect with ourselves and with others.

Why travel around the world when the best adventure lies within oneself.

And this new form of self-expression is announcing a new reality for brands.

Tapping into one’s individuality will be the only way to re-engage the consumer in all of us.


An energetic shift of wealth

The Great Pause will also bring forward an unprecedented energetic shift in economic wealth on a global scale.

Some will fall, others will rise, then a new world order will settle in.

Leaders who have forgotten the importance of community, asking for bailouts while they retained billions in private assets will no longer be looked as business heroes.

Brands who have refused to pay their rents, their suppliers, and their employees will have alienated everyone that once made them successful.

Who will cheer for them in the future?

Who will go the extra mile to make their brand experience one that stands out from the competition?

This global silence on consumption will forever change the way we move and consume in our world as consumers who have lost both jobs and savings will no longer be looking for the next quick fix of newness.

We will see a drastic shift in what is valued by both the employee and the consumer because producing for waste or purchasing for show will no longer be allowed in the new post-pandemic world.


Those who will lead the future of consumption will be those who have understood the paradigm shift that is taking place right now where health is more valued than wealth.

And where community love is no longer an extra corporate feature but a binding way of conducting business.

Value creation will become the norm as will be a shift towards the intangibles.

It’s time for us all to take a voyage towards within and ask ourselves who we are and what we stand for before we are left behind in the wake of a virus, struggling to survive in a new world reality.

Change is in the air.

Be aware and listen to the new breeze of oneness being chanted at every corner of the world.

And join in as you have already been invited to do so by all.

oxy Genier luxury consultant

New Luxury, Experiences, & the Energy of Time in Space

A moment.

A feeling.

An idea.

A thought.


Every moment of time in space exudes specific energy.

A unique set of characteristics.

That was never reproduced before and will never be reproduced again.

It as an energy that is unique.

And when this energy is extraordinary, when it sits at the edge of reality, it creates a sensation in our body, mind, and soul, a sensation that surprises us into alive hood by pushing us up and forward in our quest for self-actualization.


I call these moments Extraordinary Moments of Time in Space.

These are the moments that define who we are and where we are.

By connecting our inner experience of self with our outer experience of self.


Sizzling with emotions, ideas, thoughts, and sensations.

We finally wake up from the mundane.

And are transformed by the combination of elements connecting this moment of extraordinariness.

Towards a higher self.


We have an aesthetic experience that finally makes us feel aware.

Aware that we are humans.

That we have the power to create.

To learn, to play, to dream the unimaginable.

To choose.

To move.

From one state of reality to the next.

By allowing ourselves the liberties that are often called luxuries.



Hated by many but coveted by even more.

It is a privilege of the excess.

From the ordinary that plagues our every day.

It is an abundant expression of our ideas/ideals.

Forever pushing human consciousness.

Up and forwards on the arrow of time.

Towards an elevated state of living.

Uplifting our humanity.

By inspiring the extraordinary.

From within.

And by expressing it.

From without.

oxy Genier luxury consultant

Wealth, Time, Space, Emotions and You.

The internet has forever changed the entire face of our personal interaction with time and space.

What used to be only possible locally, is now possible globally.

What used to only be available to a few, is now available to those who dare to dream of the unconventional.

The world is slowly becoming one global village, where one can dine in the East then wake up in the West.

Obviously, wealthy individuals with their private jets can live in the sky.

But those who are not billionaires yet who have already embraced the future of living understand this too.

Some call them digital nomads.

Others call them outliers.

But outliers may soon become the norm as technology will continue to assist us towards a better life.

A life of independence.

Of freedom of time and mobility.

To travel the world in search of aesthetic experiences.

Climbing the Andes.

Sailing the Intracoastal waterways.

Diving the Red Sea.

Driving the Pan American highway

The New Rich have understood that there is only one moment that matters.

The present moment.

Everything in the past can only be experienced in memories.

And memories are fickle.

They can easily be manipulated.

As one reality can easily blur with the next.

As for the future…

Well, whatever man or woman can dream up, can be experienced.

Experiencing in the mind.

Experiencing in the real.

The difference is so fickle.

As dreams can also make us feel alive in the present.

Hence, the present, that moment of time in space where you are connected.

This is life.

And when you align life with your version of luxury, regardless of its version, then this is life worth living for.


Now let’s say you are a luxury professional.

And you need to design an experience,

whether in the form of a product, a service or an event,

Remember this.

If you want to cater to the wealthy or the New Rich,

Design experiences that make us feel alive.

Moments of time in space that triggers our emotions.

That call our attention from the edge of the world.

Because we have the choice.

The choice to be anywhere at any time.

And we, as aesthetic experience seekers, are looking for the extraordinary.

Champagne is nice.

But we have had many bottles in the past.

And we are focusing on living our best life, for as long as possible.

So healthier options may capture our attention.

But regardless of if you offer champagne or not,

The decision is yours,

Remember this.

If I am there physically, but not mentally.

I am not there.

If I am there mentally, but not emotionally.

I am not there.

So, if you want my attention, my time, and my energy (aka money),

Take a risk to be different.

To be yourself.

To show me spontaneity and innovation.

UHNWI or New Rich, we seek the same.

To experience the finest expressions of human ingenuity.

From here all to way to over there.

When time becomes your luxury,

Your luxury will become life itself.

Roxy Genier - luxury consultant

New Luxury, UHNWI & The Emotional Connection

People, and especially, UHNWI (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals) don’t buy products and services because a brand’s Facebook page has over a million likes from aspirational buyers, nor do they buy because an influencer wrote a glowing review.

People buy because of an emotional connection, because of their belief system, their philosophy of life, and the way they seek to experience the world around them.

People buy because of the people they meet, the people behind the brands and products they choose to bring into their lives.

People buy because they believe that their purchase will make them feel alive.

If people buy because of how it makes them feel, then why are brands, especially luxury brands, not tapping more into this emotional connection?

When need and necessity no longer play a role in the consumption process, when money is no longer an issue, then what is left if not human emotions.

Winning the heart and mind of UHNWI clients requires something exceptional, it requires a very strong human connection built on strong emotional values.

There is no shortcut.

There is no trick.

If you want to reach UHNWI clients, you need to put in the time and effort to show your true value before you even stand a chance of being noticed in a crowded marketplace.

This means owning your skills, mastering your craft, and perfecting your offer.

And doing so with purpose and a set of well-defined values.

This is where New Luxury comes in.

New Luxury is, in essence, a way to connect through a collection of individual experiences that shape the interactions between brand and people.

It is a way of doing business that bridges the gap between buying and giving back.

When a brand is sustainable, it pledges to protect our planet and our communities through their production choices.

When a brand uses forward-thinking technologies to hone artisanship, it makes us believe that our future is indeed brighter than ever.

And, when a brand promotes community-love from the inside out, it touches us at the deepest human level.

Gimmicks or fairy tale marketing campaigns don’t work with UHNWI.

They won’t be impressed either by sales techniques that are meant to disrupt their attention away from what they value the most – their time.

But if they feel your purpose, your values, and your commitment to excellence, you might be surprised and get a message on your social media channel asking for a meet.

Know who you are.

Know what you stand for.

Know what you can offer.

And if your message connects with a UHNWI on a deeper level…

Stand proud behind your version of luxury.

Because that is why they reached out to you in the first place.

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Waste - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Luxury Meaning: 12 Anti-Values Disgracing Luxury Today

Over the past few decades there has been a boom in the luxury market; with trends growing as quickly as the rising spires of Dubai’s skyline. The pace has picked up, trends move fast, and suddenly we get the message; the modern luxury meaning becomes a paradigm of modern consumerism – as the Economist put it bluntly; its exclusively for everyone. That message was muttered back in 2014 but now as we approach 2020 – this commitment to consume consume consume seems to have left everyone at burnout. The old ways are failing, the grass is no longer green, and for luxury brands to not just survive, but thrive – a bold new commitment to change is needed.

If we were to open our ears, we would have heard that the conversation has changed and its consumers who are now leading the way. Luxury brands who turn a blind eye to these demands and choose to rest on the laurels of a successful past may find themselves left with little market share and only the crumbs of yesteryear upon the table. As bleak as that may sound, actually – take a closer look and you will see the future is bright.

The advance of modern technology and social media means that consumers are no longer reaching in the dark, now their eyes are wide open and they see the terrifying truth – that mass consumerism has led to brands being a little clumsy with our one most precious global asset – our planet. The number one demand on the table is for this unethical behavior to change; for brands, and especially luxury brands, to embrace a more ethical approach in business. This conversation is not just another flash in the pan or hashtag trend – it is a real demand and one we should all be keen to take on board. This shift in mindset is irreversible, with these words we can no longer avert our gaze, we are looking directly into the face of the luxury consumer of tomorrow.

The old ways are failing, the grass is no longer green, and for luxury brands to not just survive, but thrive – a bold new commitment to change is needed.

There is a rhetoric when we talk about luxury; its old money, its baby boomers, it’s a mans world. But, the baby boomer era will soon come to a close and next in line are the millennials. Millennials who have grown up in a different world; one that is more tuned in to the inconvenient truth. Sweat shop factories, low wages in third world countries, burning leftover stock, animal slaughter, and cultural appropriation are just a few examples of wrong turns that not only makes for bad business practice, but also can lead to long nights of the soul. In an era of transparency there is nowhere to hide, and every individual in the industry will become accountable for the actions and decisions they take.

Luxury brands have always been the innovators, the thought leaders, those with a precision like power to influence global industry. Its time for these brands to pave the way; to take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and to change the way they do business. As leaders at the top, its not just in the interests of our business, its also our responsibility, and our duty to our upcoming audience. If we are brave enough to make the change, this will cause a ripple that could reach the shore of every business and brand across the land and together, we can change the fate of our planet.

The twelve anti-values etched out below do not come from the depths of my imagination, this is not opinion-based teaching. Over the past decade I have had the privilege of experiencing the labors of the luxury market; from working on superyachts to being a personal assistant to the one percent, living the high-life as a luxury influencer, and spending thousands of hours immersed in the thoughts and insights of luxury leaders. I want to share my findings because I truly believe that luxury has lost its luster and there are those of us out there who seek a better version of luxury. Together, we can face our demons and we can lead the way in working towards a better world not just for the one percent, but for all. Because honestly; let’s not let that age-old adage of luxury costing the earth become a prophecy just for profit.

12 Anti-Values Disgracing Luxury:

Luxury Anti-Value #1 - Waste

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Waste - Blog Banner 2000x1000

We have forgotten that the true ethos behind luxury is longevity; buy it once and it lasts forever. Now, luxury brands are burning end of season stock, feeding an insatiable hunger to deliver the latest trend, and fast fashion is polluting our air and tearing downland at just a heartbeat behind the fossil fuel industry. But its not just fashion; each guest at a hotel can tally up 1kg of waste per night, a fifth of global food produce rots away in the trash, and as of 2012 only 1 percent of purchased products were still in use after 6 months. New Luxury is less about slash and burn, make and break – it’s about savoring every morsel, because each thread is pure and precious.

Luxury Anti-Value #2 - Deception

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Deception - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Plagiarism, fakery, and cultural appropriation – luxury brands may want to check their closet for skeletons as consumers are no longer abiding tall tales, fashion theft, and riding of the back of exploitation. Luxury shouldn’t be about laziness, but many high-class brands have a nasty habit of stealing ideas from others instead of seeking beautifully crafted and intelligent inspiration from within. From whitewashed models being used to represent the beauty of Africa to major names copycatting graphics from young indie designers; brands that thread fakery into their narrative are sure to be called out. We are entering a new woke world, and New Luxury is no longer about fiddling, airbrushing, and taking what isn’t rightfully ours.

Luxury Anti-Value #3 - Opacity

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Opacity - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Glittering diamonds, clean lines, and soft silks – but behind the scenes; shadowlands, crumbling factories, poverty, and criminal tax evasion. Luxury brands who have something to hide have everything to fear. Brands have a duty to be transparent with their audience; when people are making purchase choices, they have a right to know what they are investing in and where that money goes. Luxury brands can no longer claim ignorance or dodge the bullets that will come when another third world factory collapses, when more children are rescued from slave labor, or when stories of death and discrimination associated with their brand climb out of the woodwork. New Luxury is not about glossing over gross misconduct.

Luxury Anti-Value #4 - Disconnection

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Disconnection - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Luxury has always had a habit of clinging to the old world; risk taking and embracing change doesn’t seem to be in their repertoire. No change seems to have been resisted more than the movement into the digital sphere. Luxury brands were too caught up in the physical and the sensory to align their message and create meaningful connections with consumers in the virtual world. Instead; the resistance led to aloof and cold websites, zero social interaction, and a falsetto mystique that left consumers frazzled and frustrated. Then, there are those brands that chase fads and follow trends; completely losing sight of the strongest foundations of luxury; that it stands strong as a rock against tides of transience. Luxury has already been slow off the bat to create a compelling digital presence; New Luxury is about seeking a chord of harmony that resonates, because the digital and the real world will soon be one.

Luxury Anti-Value #5 - Stagnation

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Stagnation - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Heart and heritage are the golden words behind many successful luxury brands and with this can come a sense of stagnation. Heritage brands can find themselves with their backs against the wall, they have centuries of history beneath their belt but suddenly the world around them is changing. But as we know, evolution and innovation isn’t about keeping one foot on the platform. History and heritage does have its place, but luxury brands are clinging to these beliefs like anchors rather than life rafts. An anchor will pull you stubbornly to the bottom of the sea, a life rafts will keep you afloat no matter how much the tide changes. New Luxury isn’t about staying in the same loop or getting stuck in a time warp, it’s about learning how to stay relevant, exhilarating and inspiring on the journey from past to future.

Luxury Anti-Value #6 - Narration

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Narration - Blog Banner 2000x1000

The monologue is coming to a close and instead of dictating the trends coming next, luxury brands must be willing to get involved in a two-way dialogue. Consumers are now actively contributing to the narrative, sharing in the message, and depending on the brand – this could be very sticky territory if you don’t know how to utilize your consumers voice in a positive, powerful and productive way. Luxury brands can tend to put themselves above the art of conversation; just look at their social media pages. Many times you will find lukewarm generic content, queries met with poor etiquette, and criticism responded to with stone cold silence. Even some of the biggest brands in the business have braindead social media pages that are an absolute bore to scroll through, which is shocking in the era of the influencer and the chance to have a ton of fascinating content across every spectrum. New Luxury isn’t about dictating the same old bedtime story, it’s about having real, authentic and intimate conversations that matter.

Luxury Anti-Value #7 - Fairy Tales

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Fairy Tales - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Whimsical women running through the streets of Paris beneath plumes of perfume, airbrushed models with blank faces, and young bikini clad girls standing in the shadow of the older man on a superyacht. The luxury industry still operates like it’s the 1950’s and women are either objects of desire or buying objects so others will desire them. Now, more than ever – gender politics are garnering interest and the calls are loud and clear – the message needs to be changed. Its no secret that females lead consumption and every year they contribute over $100 billion to the luxury industry. Regardless of facts and figures; women do not deserve to be condescended, shunned, or stashed inside a stereotype. The MeToo Movement has left a well-heeled indent on societal structures and brands who don’t up their game in their representation of women will find themselves gathering dust. New Luxury is about telling stories with honest and respectful recognition.

Luxury Anti-Value #8 - Overchoice

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Overchoice - Blog Banner 2000x1000

From the silk road to the ancient spice route; once upon a time luxury was about traversing the globe on intrepid adventures to return with the finest wares and wonderful stories. Now, you can find a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Prada store and a Marriott, Hilton or Ritz-Carlton hotel on every corner of practically every cosmopolitan city in the world. As travel is becoming a more common commodity with budget airlines and faster journey times whipping us from London to Tokyo in a mere matter of hours, the allure of experiencing the same luxury over and over is starting to fade away as we feel more comfortable with global living. As luxury brands surpass borders and boundaries, the sense of rarity becomes lost and the paradox of more becomes less as too much choice confounds the consumer. This is where luxury runs the risk of becoming a brown box commodity; so easily accessible that the journey is lost and when the journey is lost, the status of luxury dissipates and you become just another high-street name with a looming price tag. New Luxury is about striking that all important balance and standing out against a backdrop of blandness.

Luxury Anti-Value #9 - Global Value Chains

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Global Value Chains - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Luxury brands pen beautiful tales of exquisite craftsmanship, but often the reality is mass production lines and low-paid immigrant labor. When you see the words Made in Italy etched into a label you conjure up images of artistry among the rolling hills of Tuscany. But in the 90’s Tuscany became flooded with immigrants shipped in by big name brands to work in dimly lit sheds and sleep huddled in rooms behind these factories. From blood diamonds to mass suicides in big brand production plants, the situation is serious. Not only is this approach completely unethical from the brand, but it also forces the consumer to be unethical without their knowledge. Luxury brands that look to cut corners with cost reduction are directly contradicting the true meaning of luxury. New Luxury is about a clean conscience for both brand and consumer; imagine how liberating that will feel.

Luxury Anti-Value #10 - Fastness

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Fastness - Blog Banner 2000x1000

If there is one word that is synonymous with true authentic luxury, that word is time. Not only time to curate something outstanding, but the time to truly enjoy it. It’s a fast-paced world out there and luxury has a duty to make us stop for a second, to breathe deep, savor, appreciate, fall in love, unplug, unwind, and relax. Some luxury brands are trading the slow burn of time for fast production in search of profit. Fast fashion, fast food, fast travel, and fast luxury – its exhausting for brands and consumers and leaves everyone disconnected from the experience. In an era of FOMO, the constant urge to update our Instagram feeds, and the time pressure to make the most of every moment; we need to nurture the art of slowing down – from the seed to the root to the apple. Time is central to the story of New Luxury; not the cheap chase or the empty expense.

Luxury Anti-Value #11 - Sameness

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Sameness - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Global standardization is stripping away the customized culture and personality of a product or place. This is especially potent when it comes to big hotel brands. You could be in a Four Seasons suite in Singapore or a Ritz Carlton in Paris and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. This is why the hotel industry has seen a sharp turn; the rise of the boutique business, the adoration of Airbnb – travelers are giving us the message loud and clear. While globalized big name brands are working towards perfection across every country in the world, the boutique business is embracing the energy and charisma of its imperfections because that is where creativity lives. Standardization is a word that contradicts luxury. It’s a word that comes with connotations of reducing cost and uniformed outcome. New Luxury is about celebrating culture and recognizing the rarity in what it is to be different.

Luxury Anti-Value #12 - Self-Love

Roxy Génier - Luxury Anti-Values - Self-Love - Blog Banner 2000x1000

Spoil yourself is the message constantly pushed by luxury brands. Yet the very audience they purr this message too are often very philanthropic in their everyday lives. Just take a look at the Giving Pledge set up by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in which 184 of the world’s wealthiest across the world pledged to give away half their wealth to bring positive change to society. In this new era of transparency and better ethical practice, perhaps its time for brands to make a better effort. The stereotypes of class warfare have long shadowed the modern world. A Harvard study back in 2009 actually displayed that exposure to luxury goods tapped into the area of the brain most associated with self-interest. Perhaps luxury brands need to start thinking about ways they can connect with the philanthropic side of their consumers rather than reaching for the outdated story of elevated status. New Luxury is about pledging our own moral compass, to bind ourselves with the world and its people, and to give back in the best way we can.

The 12 anti-values facing luxury today are real, but as we open our eyes to face our demons, a new reality can emerge. Let’s join forces to change the meaning of luxury from one of mass-consumption to one of enlightening experiences that leave us connected with our globality. And, let’s remember:

Earth is our one and only home.

Time on earth is our one and only global luxury.

The choice is ours.

Which path will we take?

Article created in collaboration with Jodie Oakes, luxury storyteller, & Rubem Vieira, art director. 

With the ubiquity of the internet, it’s currently easier than ever for those of us in western culture to access information which can give us a heightened awareness of global causes and charitable platforms.

It’s also easier than ever to research the ethics of luxury brands and as a result, there are more luxury customers than ever actively seeking out luxury brands with a social conscience.

When a luxury brand shows a commitment to new luxury values such as eco-friendly, socially conscious, fair trade or cruelty-free practices by contributing to a specific cause in some way (as well as practicing what they preach in their day-to-day running of the business and belief system), it gives consumers an extra layer of exclusivity whenever they invest in the brand; not only can they satisfy themselves but they can also help others in the process.

This provides a crucial reversal of the polarity between luxury and non-profit giving brands a chance to show that they’re altruistic and significant alongside being lavish, elite and powerful.

Corporate philanthropy should go beyond being a luxury marketing gimmick, however, and strive to be beneficial in a way which empowers the charity and emboldens the customer, boosting the brand’s reputation in a manner which is in-line with their pre-existing belief system.

An example of a luxury brand that is proud to show its commitment to supporting a better world through both philanthropy and corporate responsibility is luxury luggage brand Tumi. The brand shares its philosophy and initiatives on a dedicated page of their website.

Visit to see a great example of how to use your brand as a New Luxury platform to do good in this world.




If you want to follow in the footsteps of Tumi, here are some essential basics to consider.

Choose a charity which fits your brand belief system

In order for charitable pursuits to be beneficial for both the luxury brand and the cause they’re seeking to support, then it’s vital for the belief systems of both to match up with each other.

This is attractive not just for the charity itself who will be more accepting of donations which come from an honest source with beliefs in alignment to their own, but also for the meaningful links it will create to your customers who will already share your belief system but may want to engage with it in a more rewarding manner.

Be charitable from a position of proven social and ethical responsibility

Choosing a charity with beliefs in alignment to your own is crucial, but unless you practice what you preach then creating links, partnerships or support systems with charities can end up looking like a cynical marketing ploy.

For example, there’s little use in supporting a charity which seeks to empower impoverished women or children when you may be relying on sweatshop workers as part of a production team; the hypocrisy will be visible to eagle-eyed customers as well as the media and as such, this approach can backfire horribly.

Take a moment to evaluate the ethics of your company and outline areas for potential improvement in trading with a social, fair and environmental conscience.

This isn’t just better for improving your reputation but as a whole, it’s also better for the World. Why be charitable if you can’t extend that same support to the work conditions and production values of your business?

Directly support a community who support you

Though many luxury brands may rush into charitable pursuits based on causes which feel ‘trendy’ or look impressive, one of the best and simplest ways that a luxury brand can utilize their privileged position for change is to directly help to support a specific community who are in some way at the heart of the brand.

This could be a specific location where products are made or where specific materials or components are sourced or it could be a marginalized community who have expressed continued support and admiration for the brand (such as the LGBTQA community).

Try setting up a business fund to help talented seamstresses start up their own business or donate towards the maintenance of local sustainable agriculture in the area where you source most of your materials from.

Giving back to the people who in some way help your brand to be the success that is can become a powerful part of your legacy and help to declare you as a brand which sells stories and experiences above products and aesthetic.

Don’t appear charitable, be charitable

When luxury brands endorse and support charities wrong it can be because of a blatant agenda for wanting to simply play the part of looking charitable without actually delivering on the appearance.

Whatever charity it is that you want to support as part of your brand needs to be a part of day-to-day operations, not just pinned to the lapel of a spokesperson or tagged on as a profile button on Twitter.

Donations are great, as is raising awareness of a charity and a cause but it’s also great to work with the charity to see how you could be improving their experience and aid; find out precisely what the donations raised have been spent on, in what ways the money has helped and what else the charity may need in order to progress, widen their scope or expand their cause.

Develop in tandem with the charities needs and you’ll both find an equally beneficial progression as a result.

Use brand content and social media to raise awareness

Part of being charitable as opposed to merely looking charitable is understanding every facet of the charity and the cause for which you’re helping and communicating those facts to customers.

Utilising the content marketing of your brand to show where charitable donations have been spent, who the money has benefitted and including interviews and testimonies of people that the money has directly impacted the lives of is a crucial part of humanising the charity and raising further awareness of what will no doubt be a little known or understood cause.

Social media is another perfect way of extending your charitable services, exploiting the power and influence of your brand to raise further awareness of the charity which is beneficial both ways.

Articles of social, charitable and ethical interest are often shared more readily on social media as people enjoy publicly aligning themselves with a cause with will promote both your brand and the charity, in the process.

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Seven Benefits of Content Marketing for Luxury Brands

As defined by the dictionary content means the materials dealt with in a distinct form or style. Yet another way of looking at the word is its other definition ‘In a state of blissful happiness’. Who says that in the world of luxury marketing these things cannot come together. Think about the famous myths and stories of luxury brands; gliding across azure waters on a superyacht feeling the wind tousle your hair, letting a mystery lover slip into your silk sheets scented with the sweetest perfume, strolling down the Champs Elysees with glowing skin untouched by the wear and tear of the world. All these images bring to mind beauty and contentment, and all are stories curated from luxury marketing content.

Inspired content breathes life into your brand, it awakens your consumers desires, it brings forth a belief that owning your product will make their world a better place to perch in, and it ties together the strands of trust, recognition and grace that separates everyday commodities from luxury living. The benefits of content marketing for luxury brands are endless, but these fair few factors allow you to graze on greener pastures, and to see a vision of the future, one where your brand is as clear as the sun, ever shining.

1. Content curation provides a variety of perspectives.

Curating content is an art form and helps beautifully when it comes to communicating your brand values and enhancing trust. Content can be informative, inspired, plucked from a range of sources, and delivered in a wide array of means. For skincare companies, it could be a dermatologist teaching your audience about the right way to care for their skin or seasonal makeup tips from a beauty professional. A boutique hotel could express inspiring tips on things to do on their island, or interview the locals for an in-depth look at how the culture has changed over the years. However, you choose to showcase your brand through content marketing it should be done in a way that lays the foundations for people to learn, see, and explore through different perspectives.

2. Content curation expands your content offering.

The search engines are turning back to organic sources, no longer will they abide lackadaisical, lousy, and lazy content whose sole aim is to self-promote. They, along with their audiences, want high quality, interesting and informative content that fills in the gaps, oozes originality and serves to inspire and keep readers coming back. This is the essence of high-class content marketing and when you opt for quality you need to rely on many different resources. These resources not only provide inspiration for content generation, but curation can also help you to put the pieces together, can teach you more about your niche than you ever thought possible, and in turn gives you an outlet to pass this knowledge on and inspire your own consumers.

3. Content curation positions brand as a thought leader in the luxury skincare category.

Exploring the World Wide Web can be a little like rummaging through a vintage store; you have to wade through a lot of tat to seek out that silk purse. If you can offer your audience the purse without the mothballs then they will see you as an exquisite tastemaker in your category. Your consumers don’t want to wade, they want to place their trust in you and have you fish out the best data and information for them. If you can provide your readers with exceptional editorial content every time then their trust will tighten until you and only you become their go-to source, thus inspiring loyalty and better brand recognition.

4. Content curation extends your reach by leveraging other people's audiences.

Nothing can help you reach a crowd quite like content marketing and when throwing a gala who doesn’t want to invite a stream of new people to show up, raise a toast and possibly become new found friends. When you choose to incorporate the influencer content in with your own, you may see that you have suddenly attracted a host of new readers who follow the original source. With the right leverage, this is the perfect way for luxury brands to share the wealth so to speak and to reach out to new audiences that may have otherwise remained overlooked.

5. Content curation connects you with thought leaders, experts and other websites.

Luxury content marketing can also prove to be an invaluable networking tool. The luxury world is a swirl of who’s who and who do you know and the only way to get involved is to become a firm-footed leader in your niche. If you have la crème de la crème of knowledge, information, experience and a dedicated clientele then heads are sure to turn and other industry leaders are sure to take notice. Before you know it you have all kinds of invites, partnerships, and media opportunities that you never even dreamed of. If you want to be revered as the best in your field, then you need to start reaching for the top shelf with your content curation.

6. Content curation offers more content for your audience to share on social media.

Content marketing has its own white whale and like Captain Ahab many scour the seven seas for a shot at making the myth a reality. This white whale is called ‘going viral’. Whilst the jury is out on how a luxury brand manages to maintain its enigma through social media, if you can get the right balance then you have every hope of success. Content curation that can be lovingly shared and passed around social media is one of the most important ways of seizing the reigns when it comes to helping your brand to flourish and grow. With well-seasoned creative content, beautiful imagery, and leading knowledge you can make ripples that turn into waves, allowing your target market even more entryways to find their way to you, your brand, and your product.

7. Content curation builds your brand.

Beautiful branding is a myriad of ingredients, but one of the things that binds it all together is content curation. Tailored and well-executed content works seamlessly when it comes to building your brand one brick at a time until it becomes an unforgettable vision like the Taj Mahal. Content that is rich, diverse, well-researched, inspiring, and informative can be the hallmark of your brand and will lead your consumers to recognize your name, to trust in your offerings, and to pass on that information to other interested parties. Those who want to broaden their reach and pull themselves up higher in the luxury world can do so with effective content marketing.

Understanding New Millennials for Better Marketing

After perfecting your skills with the baby boomers and knowing how to tap the nail on the head when it comes to generation X, the millennials may leave you stumped. There have been many headlines screaming controversies such as Real Truth magazine asking ‘If they know so much, how do they understand so little?’,  they have been called the selfie generation, the me-spoke seekers, the digital natives, and so much more. Yet the question remains are they really just a misunderstood generation? And if so shouldn’t we be trying to get to know them better because after all they are our future.

News Cred recently shone a light on the millennials with their evocative survey marked millennial mind. It’s easy to overlook this generation, to wait for them to join the ranks of their baby boomer peers, and to write off their habits as fads, yet the truth is they are going to be leading our workplace by up to 50% and they are going to be responsible for over $1.4 trillion in spending power in the next five years. Not to mention every month in the US alone, there are 82 million millennials eating content for breakfast. These numbers are pure proof that this is not a generation to be overlooked and those who want to get ahead in marketing best start unraveling the mystery of these infamous millennials.

Know where they are coming from

If you want to understand the millennials then the first thing you need to do is take a good hard look and get to grips with their social status. In a way, it must be tricky to be raised in a time when your peers are forever telling you ‘you can be anything you want’. In front of your eyes, there are endless roads, paths, and products. You have a million different choices when it comes to careers, sneakers, coffee shops, smartphones, and so much more. Not only do you have all this choice but you have also been born into a time when the recession has slammed the door in your face, you are doomed to have less than your parents, you aren’t interested in frittering away hours on low paid jobs to start a family and have a home. You want to enjoy your time, you want to eat like a king, stomp across the globe, connect with new people, and have the world at your fingertips. And who can blame you; it’s what they promised you after all. It’s no wonder millennials are misunderstood, so when they see a brand that seems to get their predicament and offers tailored content and solutions that fit them like a glove, perhaps their infinite choices will suddenly have a finite end – and that full stop could be your brand.

Know the decade that shaped them

The chief content writer of Vice put it right when he declared “In the decade of the 2000s, it was the march of two opposing forces – a crisis of information and the liberation of Information”. For the millennials the world really is at their fingertips, there are no hiding secrets from them. Whilst in one hand they may be taking endless Instagram pictures and tweeting about their lunch, with the other hand they are reading about the conflict in Palestine, debating the upcoming general election, and sharing political opinions with their friends. Sadly this is also a generation that has lost touch with the idea of trust, now the freedom of information is out there and available, they no longer turn to politicians, TV, mass media and even brands for confirmation of what’s right and wrong. As a brand, you need to earn their trust. You need to also understand that these people are not completely conceited consumers, they care about the world and if they can find a way of blending buying with giving back, they will probably choose that route.

Know their mediums

Remember the good old days of MSN messenger and MySpace? No, odds are millennials won’t either. This is a generation that was born tweeting, that updated their Facebook status as soon as they mastered hand-eye coordination, and that knew how to swipe a touch screen before they could say their ABC. If you want to reach out across the chasm to these potential consumers then you need to understand their virtual world. 65% of millennials use Facebook to search for content that amount is breathtaking and if you are not already on social media then you need to hop aboard before the ship sails into the sunset without you. Knowing how they interact on social media is another educated factor that will give you the edge. Millennials like content that is funny, that is informative, that doesn’t patronize, or assume. They also want to put their best foot forward in life and they actively choose to share things that they feel represent their best selves. In the modern world success is not only measured in dollars, it’s measured in the richness of experience and this is what they will share when it comes to social media.

Know not to pull the wool over their eyes

Forbes left one final word of advice when it came to their Sneakernomics article, they said when dealing with millennials to engage, don’t market. This is the bottom line, this a generation that won’t deal well with having the wool pulled over their eyes, they have limitless choices remember, and if they don’t lie the cut of your jib then they will simply turn elsewhere with a shrug of the shoulders. This is also a generation that doesn’t succumb to the slavery of brand loyalty, meaning now more than ever it’s imperative to gain respect. This is not a generation that is going to sit prettily and wait for the world to come to them, they are going to stand up and find what works for them exclusively, regardless of whether it’s considered the right thing to do or not. To gain respect you need to interact, communicate, offer insight and value, you need to go local, hone down your tone to fit your exact niche, and you need to give them what they want. This is a knowledge-based economy meaning that if a brand is direct, clever, and cares about the world then they are going to win out over a brand that is pretending to be chic and pretending to care.